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| by Prestine, Joan Singleton

A young girl deals with the death of someone close to her. She has many feelings of anger, sadness, and loneliness. She has many feelings of anger, sadness, and loneliness. She finds a way to feel better, though, when she makes a scrapbook to remember everything about this special person. She learns that everything dies.

| by Waber, Bernard

A very special firefly deals with his uniqueness. It is not easy to be different, but this story shows it is okay to be different.

| by Asch, Frank

Bear wishes he could fly like Little Bird, and Little Bird wants to be big and strong like Bear. Both of them got their wishes fulfilled in a very creative and imaginative way.

| by Thomas, Jane Resh

Suzie's grandma died so Suzie goes with her family to her grandparents' house for the funeral. The family experiences many emotions in different ways when dealing with her death.

| by Lester, Helen

Tacky is not like the other penguins that he lives with. One afternoon, they participate in a cheering contest with other penguins. Tacky puts on a great show and his team wins shiny, blue ribbons.

| by Hutchins, Pat

Although two little girls possess different abilities, they love each other and are best friends. They appreciate each other's differences.

| by Hughes, Shirley

Sam and Barney build a snow lady that resembles their elderly neighbor, mean Mrs. Dean. Sam decides that it would only be polite to invite lonely Mrs. Dean to Christmas dinner.

| by Zobel-Nolan, Allia

Features are what make each of us different. The children of this story like their unique appearance.

| by Viorst, Judith

Alexander loves his home, friends, and his life the way it is. Faced with a move to another town, Alexander becomes agitated and upset. In time he finds a way to adjust.

| by Caseley, Judith

Lindsey does not welcome her new baby sister to the family at first. She finally realizes that they both have something to contribute to the family and she changes her mind.

| by Keller, Holly

Harrison and Tucker are twin brothers who are very close and act alike as they are growing up. When they go to kindergarten, they end up in different classrooms. Although they are upset intially, they learn to develop differences and like it.

| by Yorinks, A.

Al wants a new, more relaxed life. One day a bird comes and takes him to a little paradise. Al turns into a bird, so maybe his life at home was not so bad afterall.

| by Lasker, Joe

Nick, confined to a wheelchair, is going to school for the first time. He is anxious and scared. Nick overcomes his feelings and makes friends at school.

| by McCain, Becky Ray

Members of a class are always picking on Ray. Finally, a student decides that he can't continue to ignore this, so he tells a teacher about the situation. When the bullies come around this time, so do the teacher and principal.

| by Ikeda, Daisaku

Akiko and Hiroshi are anxious to explore their new home. They meet a boy named Pablo who helps them explore the sea by swimming and by boat. Pablo becomes their good friend once he is able to accept the fact that Akiko and Hiroshi are not natives of the land.

| by Shannon, Terry

Running Fox is a young boy learning the customs of his people. His greatest desire is to catch an eagle and be looked upon as a man. When he finally catches an eagle, he knows he has become a man.

| by Brindel, June Rochuy

A small boy, Luap, goes through a day in his school and town. He sees things differently than most people. For example, he sees people walking on their hands and riding their bicycles backwards. Through this, Luap learns a valuable lesson.

| by Pratt, Ellen

Amy wants to carry a basket, but men are the only ones that are allowed to carry baskets. Amy eventually gets her way.

| by Hilton, Nette

An outlaw family is well dressed by the father who is a tailor. The community learns to accept the family.
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