Literacy is the number one predictor of our quality of life and health status.

Our mission is to form scientific and artistic partnerships to advance the understanding of health communication message design by increasing access to written materials that are valid, reliable, authentic, and equitable for children, youth, and adults.

We invite you to explore our following three interdisciplinary databases:

Children's Picture Book Database
at Miami University

What? A collection of picture book abstracts searchable by topics, concepts, and skills for building
content-area reading, writing,and oral language skills across all academic subjects.
For Whom? Teachers of all disciplines, librarians, authors, illustrators, and publishers.

Health Literacy Database
at Miami University

What? A collection of Electronic Texts for Health Literacy© which promote cognitive behavioral skills
for healthy living across the lifespan.
For Whom? Health professionals interacting with clients in non-profit agencies, dental and medical clinics, governmental organizations, universities, and pre-K educational settings.

Health Advocacy Database
at Miami University

What? A collection of Public Service Announcements that advocate for human health and well being
in national and international contexts.
For Whom? Health professionals and program planners seeking media releases on a variety of health topics and initiatives.

We welcome partnerships in digital literacy. Our current partners are found here.