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| by Hennessy, B.G.

A rhyming text that describes and illustrates all the familiar objects and activities in a typical school kindergarten.

| by Franco, Betsy

Eggs on her ears, ketchup on her nose, crispy warm bacon between her toes. And that's not all the food she likes. Continue rhyming with fun food and body parts, and discover what happens!

| by Ahlberg, Janet//Ahlberg, Allan

A peach, pear, and plum spy on Tom Thumb. Then the story continues with each folktale spying on another. It lists about ten different fairy tales including Cinderella, Robin Hood, The Three Bears, Baby Bunting, Bo-Peep, Jack and Jill and so on.

| by de Regniers, Beatrice//Montresor, Beni

In this folk rhyme, Billy is forced to find his place in the universe. He sees it all from hell to heaven and winds up in the same place where he starts.

| by Newcome, Zita

Join Maddy, Alphonse, Georgia, and other toddlers as they have fun exercising and discovering new moves while doing toddlerobics.

| by Petersham, Maud//Petersham, Miska

This book is a collection of nursery rhymes.

| by Fisher, Aileen

A poem about a child wanting it to be spring and the beginning of summer.

| by Potter, Beatrix

A collection of short rhymes about animals, food, and their natural habitats personified into human actions.

| by Wildsmith, Brian

Let's look how animals invade a cat's mat while the cat is still on it!

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| by Noll, Sally

Animals act out action words such as jiggle, wiggle, and prance in a rhyming pattern. For example, the animals jump, run, race and climb, slide, fall.

| by Cole, Joanna//Calmenson, Stephanie

Come learn the alphabet, match words with pictures, and tell silly stories. Bright, colorful pictures and clever rhymes help capture and hold your attention.

| by McGinley, Phyllis

Each letter from A to Z is described with a rhyme about something children see in the city.

| by Loomis, Christine

The diner is a busy place. Waiters run around, busboys set the tables, and chefs prepare the food. Bacon sizzles, coffee brews, bagels toast, burgers broil, and many other things happen in the busy diner.

| by Seuss, Dr.

This book encourages children to fall asleep. It describes how everyone else is sleeping and that the reader should sleep too.

| by Kellogg, Steven

As it gets close to bedtime, a brother and sister gather up their animal friends and go on an adventure because they do not want to go to sleep. They go hunting for more friends and fun and travel through woods and across an ocean. As the children and animals get sleepy, they return home to take a bath, brush their teeth, and put on their pajamas. The words of the story are set to the classic children's tune A-Hunting we will go.

| by Martin, Sarah//Galdone, Paul

Old Mother Hubbard tries to get food for her dog, but he is always doing something else. The dog even learns to write and read.

| by Gag, Wanda

The alphabet is told through the story of a rabbit and his adventures.

| by Hennessy, B.G.

Jake bakes a cake while everyone prepares for the wedding. Everyone at the wedding eats the cake and enjoys it. Jake is proud of his work.

| by Withers, C.//Jackson, A.

You will laugh and have fun with these jokes, riddles, limericks, and songs. Which one is your favorite?

| by Sendak, Maurice

A little boy travels through the months of the year and explains how he would enjoy chicken soup with rice each month.
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