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| by Kidd, R.

When David's parents decide to spend the day at Habitat for Humanity instead of with him, he is very upset. After understanding how his parents are helping others, he decides to build his own house.

| by Tan, Amy

Grandma Nai-Nai tells her granddaughters the stories of when she was a seven year old girl in China. One story was about going to see the moon lady and being granted a wish.

| by Reddix, Valerie

Every year, Tad-Tin and his grandfather make a special kite to fly on Kite's Day. This year Grandfather is sick, so it is up to Tin to sacrifice his special Dragon kite in order to carry all their misfortune away.

| by Feczko, Kathy

Every year, the bunnies have a race, and every year, Boomer Bunny wins. This year, Toby wants to win the race, but he thinks he is too slow. With the encouragement from Darby Duck, Toby enters the race, wins the race, and becomes the fastest bunny of all.

| by Polacco, Patricia

Three children want to thank Miss Eula for her chicken dinners she makes each Sunday. They decide to sell Easter eggs. They make enough money to buy her an Easter hat.

| by Armstrong, Jennifer

Hugh is an orphan who wants to go to the city to make his fortune. Even though he encounters many obstacles, he pushes on and makes it to the city.

| by Aruego, Jose

This picture books shows that reader that they can do anything they put their mind to.

| by Steig, William

A fiesty little boy named Leonard encounters many fascinating and exciting adventures in the Zabajaba jungle.

| by Larrabee, Lisa

A Native American girl learns how to make baskets from an elderly woman. As she learns, she also discovers many things about her life and herself.

| by Anderson, Lonzo//Adams, Adrienne

A boy wants to perform in front of the king at a festival. He first has to find a special talent. He tries to sing, juggle, and finally he comes up with something the king will love.

| by Kellogg, Steven

Timmy's long, frustrating search for his favorite green ball ends with a surprising turn of events.

| by Brown, Marc

Arthur goes to school on the first day and finds out he has the meanest teacher. The hardwork that Arthur does enables him to win the spelling bee.

| by Myller, Rolf

The king had to deal with his horse getting sick, so he invents a wheel after many tries. Everyone is happy about this new excitement and means of escape.

| by Fassler, Joan

Howie is confined to a wheelchair. He must overcome many barriers. He has one thing he wants to do - be able to move his wheelchair all by himself. He succeeds.

| by Shulevitz, Uri

On Monday,a king, queen, and little prince go to visit a little boy to play. He is not home, so they return on Tuesday. The next day they bring along a knight with them and he is still not home. Each day another person comes along until Sunday when he is finally home.

| by Jonas, Ann

A little boy lost his blanket. He looks all over his house and can not find it anywhere. Actually he left it at his friends house and she brings it to him.

| by Jacques, Faith

Tilly lived in a dollhouse as a maid. She was tired of the work so she ran away to look for her own house. Along the way, she meet a bear named Edward who helps her with her endeavors. Together they find Tilly a house and become good friends.

| by McKissack, Patricia C.

Netti Jo is desperately looking for a needle to sew her doll's dress. She thinks if she helps others that in return they will help her find a needle.

| by Krauss, Ruth

A boy plants a carrot seed, and everyone tells him it will not grow. He takes care of it and it eventually produces a carrot.

| by Galdone, Paul

A tailor is asked by the Grand Duke to make a suit. For good luck, the tailor must sew it at a grave yard at night. Even though a monster appears, the tailor works hard and completes his task. For the completion of the suit, he receives a bag of gold.
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