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How many snails?
Gigante, Paul Jr.
Learn to count the number of objects in a scene. How many snails do you see?

Stories about rosie
Voigt, Cynthia
Rosie's four adventures are quite eventful for a dog that loves chaos.

I'll never love anything ever again
Delton, Judy
A young boy develops allergies and isn't able to keep his dog. He copes with the separation although it isn't easy.

Iva dunnit and the big wind
Purdy, Carol
A pioneer woman named Iva Dunnit tries to save her house from the Big Wind. Her children use their wits and work with their mother to save their property from the wind storm.

The lord's prayer
D'Aulaire, Ingri//D'Aulaire, Edgar
This story depicts Jesus giving the Lord's prayer to his disciples at the last supper.

A child's good night book
Brown, Margaret Wise
Animals, children, and plants go through different rituals as they prepare for bed each night.

Happy birthday, crystal
Gordon, Shirley
Two girls get together to celebrate Crystal's birthday. They play many games and open presents.

I can read with my eyes shut
Seuss, Dr.
This book points out the importance of reading things that interest you.

Burglar bill
Ahlberg, Janet and Ahlberg, Allan
While Buglar Bill is out stealing, he takes a box. When he gets home, he finds that there is a baby in the box. When Burglar Betty is robbing Bill, she discovers that he has her baby. They decide to stop stealing and get married.

The feathered ogre
Lorenz, Lee
A terrible ogre comes to live at the edge of a peaceful kingdom. When he kidnaps the princess, a small piper volunteers to rescue her. In his efforts to do so, many secrets of the town are revealed and several spells are broken, allowing the people to live happily ever after.

And my mean old mother will be sorry, blackboard bear
Alexander, Martha
Anthony is tired of his mean mother always yelling at him, so he runs away with his bear. After some fun, he misses his mother, his bed, his pillow, and food. He happily returns to his home.

A secret house
Gauch, Patricia Lee
A little girl dreams about a secret house by the sea. She wishes that she could live there with her doll.

Reiss, John J.
Common objects are shown together representing different shapes.


The house that jack built
Galdone, Paul
Jack's house is a lot more than just his house. Many animals and people have a connection to this seemingly simple house.

Stories from the big chair
Wallace-Brodeur, R.
Molly is tired of her younger sister, Susan. She tells stories about Susan for one week and realizes she's not so bad afterall.

A teeny tiny baby
Schwartz, Amy
Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a newborn baby?Listen to the thoughts of this baby as he talks about all the different places he likes to go. Where does he like to sleep?

When summer ends
Fowler, Susi
A young child is sorry to see the summer end but remembers all the good things the other seasons bring.

Working wheels
Webber, H.
This picture book shows different types of objects and vehicles that use wheels.

The moon was best
Zolotow, C.
A mother reflects about her trip to Paris as she shows her daughter beautifully enlarged photos of her favorite places.

As i was crossing boston common
Farber, Norma
While a turtle is crossing the Boston Common, he sees a man with many animals. All of these uncommon animals are in alphabetical order.

Anno's faces
Anno, Mitsumasa
See-through plastic cards move to reveal a variety of fruits and vegetables, which have smiles and frowns on them.

The quarreling book
Zolotow, C.//Lobel, A.
The inclement weather causes a father to be in a bad mood. He takes his feelings out on the mother, then the mother takes it out on the children. The quarreling continues with other characters, but is resolved at the end of the book.

Clifford's abc
Bridwell, Norman
Clifford discovers the alphabet and many different objects. (A Wordless Book).

I'm going on a bear hunt
Sivulich, Sandra Stroner
A young boy goes on an imaginary bear hunt.

The baby's lap book
Chorao, Kay
A collection of short children's verses and rhymes are presented in this book.

In my garden
Maris, Ron
A girl shows us all around her garden. There is lots to see and do in her garden.

Ehlert, Lois
A very interesting circus with many performing animals and other acts are described.

Reiss, John J.
Familiar objects that share the same color are depicted next to the name of the color.


Heine, Helme
Katie shows Auntie Dumpling, Uncle Plod, and Mr. Brian how to have an interesting and unique holiday.

Yolen, Jane
An elf, an activity, flowers, animals, and objects represent each letter of the alphabet.

In the haunted house
Bunting, Eve
Take an adventure through a haunted house with lots of witches, ghosts, and vampires.

More hugs
Ross, Dave
This book depicts many ways of giving and receiving hugs, as well as the many types of hugs possible.

Sail away
Crews, Donald
A family enjoys a day of sailing in their sailboat. During their sail, they observe how the weather changes throughout the day.

Please don't cry mom
DenBoer, Helen
Stephen becomes worried when he notices that his mother is sad all of the time and won't get out of bed. He and his father must learn about depression and how to help her cope with this illness.

The dinosaurs are back: And it's all your fault edward!
Hartmann, Wendy//Daly, Niki
Edward and his brother are going to bed when his brother starts talking about the rock under Edward's bed. He tries to scare Edward by telling him that it's really a dinosaur egg and that the dinosaurs are going to come back and terrorize the town. Edward's smarter than that though, and he turns the story around on his brother. Soon, his brother is too scared to sleep!

Hans and Peter
Petrides, Heidrun
A teacher brings an African priest into her classroom to talk about the discovery of America.

Biggest frog in australia
Roth, Susan L.
The biggest frog in Australia just woke up, and he is very thirsty!After he drinks all the water in the ground and the sky, there isn't any left for the other animals. The other animals now have to come up with a plan to get the water out of the frog!

The happy lion
Fatio, Louise
A lion in the zoo is happy because everyone comes to visit him. One day he decides to leave his cage and visit some of these friends. Outside of the cage, everyone is not so happy to see him. They are frightened of him, except for one boy who takes the lion back to the zoo.

The eensy-weensy spider
Hoberman, Mary Ann
Travel beyond the waterspout -- out into the garden, pond, brook, shoe store, and even the park with this determined spring-loving spider. Sing the all-time classic tune or just read with rhythm!This book will catch you in its colorful web and keep you on your toes as you advance beyond the traditional limits.

Bat boy and his violin
Curtis, Gavin
Reginald loves playing the violin. His father only has time to worry about the Duke's losing streak. Reginald passionately plays the violin to improve the baseball team's losing streak. Find out what else Reginald's love for the violin improves.

Who's whose?
Ormerod, Jan
Three families come together every day of the week to do activities help each other out. Some observe activities, do chores with others, or run errands with their friends. With so many people doing things together it is hard to keep track of who's whose!

Mommy far, mommy near: An adoption story
Peacock, Carol Antoinette
Elizabeth is a young Chinese girl who has been adopted by an American family. Elizabeth begins to question her adoption and wonders why her mommy in China did not keep her. Elizabeth's mother explains the adoption to her and loves that she has a mother who is far away and one who is close.

San Souci, Robert
Family is defined differently when Tarzan is raised by a group of apes. Tarzan grows into a curious being. Confused by what he knows and what he is finding out, his confusion builds to power as he rules the apes. Can he forget his past to pursue his future?

A mother for choco (Une maman pour choco)
Kasza, Keiko
A lonely bird, Choco, tries to find his mother by going to a variety of animals and comparing features to see if they match. Choco finally comes across a bear who takes Choco as her baby.

The bird house
Rylant, Cynthia
A young girl goes everyday to watch the amazing blue house that an old woman lives in. The house is always surrounded by birds and one great barred owl. When the old woman finds the young homeless girl, she takes her in to live in the beautiful house.

Metropolitan cow
Egan, Tim
Bennett Gibbons, the only calf in his neighborhood, often feels very bored and alone. When the Andersons, a family of pigs, move in next-door, Bennett instantly becomes friends with Webster, the youngest Anderson. Come join Bennett and Webster in the joy and pains of friendship.

The adventures of connie and diego
Garcia, Maria
Connie and Diego are born multi-colored and get laughed at by their siblings. They travel to try to find a place where they fit in. They find that they are human beings and the place they belong is with their parents and family with the other humans.

Today is shrew's day
Carrick, Malcolm
Shrew and Bullfrog are friends. Shrew is lively and Bullfrog is lazy. The book has many different stories about their lives and adventures together.

Sophie and the new baby
Anholt, Laurence
A new baby is coming, and Sophie's going to be a big sister!She helps her mother and father prepare for the arrival of the baby, but when her little brother is born, she wishes that her family could give him back!Sophie slowly begins to realize that having a new brother might not be so bad after all.

Pushkin meets the bundle
Ziefert, Harriet M.
Pushkin lives with Kate and Michael. Kate and Michael took Pushkin everywhere and did everything with him. That is, until one day when Kate and Michael brought home a bundle. They started paying attention to the bundle and not to Pushkin. The bundle was a baby. Pushkin does everything in his power to get Michael and Kate's attention. The baby always cries, too. Finally, Pushkin decides to do some of his tricks and the baby started laughing. The baby and Pushkin were best friends from then on.