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| by Richardson, Judith Benet

All the animals of the jungle are sleeping when a loud roar comes from a leopard who is having a birthday party. As a team, the animals of the jungle work together to create a present to bring to the party.

| by Schaefer, Carole Lexa

A group of neighborhood children work together to grow a garden full of vegetables in an urban area. In the Children's Garden, children take responsibility for planting the seeds and caring for them until they are grown.

| by Kelley, True

There are many tools used for different tasks in different places. For example, there are names and pictures of each tool used in a garden, including a picture of a garden where many of the tools are being used.

| by Quackenbush, Robert

Piet and his friends go around their town to find clues to solve the problem of the mysterious gum-chewer!

| by Morley, Carol

The mayor's daughter gets carried away by an awful storm. A spider that can't walk and a pig with a cold set out to find the daughter as a team.

| by Allard, Harry//Marshall, James

The Smedley football team was having a horrible season. They hadn't won a game all season. Miss Nelson comes up with a great idea to whip the team into shape by dressing up as a substitute coach. After a few practices with Coach Swamp, the team won the biggest game of the year.

| by Westcott, Nadine Bernard

Through a rhyme, two little children show how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

| by Kovalski, Maryann

Frank and Zeldo own a pizza place. When business gets slow, a strange man appears and grants them wishes. The pizza place is soon booming and is too much for them to handle. They decide to try something new so they move to the beach and set up a pizza stand.

| by Wagner, Karen

Two little boys show how to make chocolate chip cookies through a set of one word instructions.

| by Delton, Judy

A duck stays at home and cleans his house all day. His friend, Bear, comes to visit and tries to find something to eat. Bear cannot find anything and they go to Bear's house to cook some food.

| by Hoban, Lillian

Arthur decides to bake some cookies for his parents for their Christmas presents. Even though they turn out badly, Arthur finds another way to make wonderful presents out of his cookies.

| by Brown, Marcia

Three hungry soldiers walk down the road. They stop at several houses to ask for food, but nobody has any extra to share. One of the soldiers tricks the townspeople and says he can make stone soup. By the time the soup is finished, all of the townspeople contribute some type of food to the soup.

| by Schatell, Brian

Midge has a fish named Fred and they are best friends. Fred can do amazing things such as balancing things on his nose. One day an aquarium salesman comes to town and fishnaps Fred but Midge saves him by using her intellect.

| by Stevenson, James

A little witch, Emma, wants to be like the older witches, but is always excluded. One day, out of frustration, Emma gets together with the animals in the woods and makes a plan. The animals pretend to be under Emma's spell and all the other witches think she is a hero.

| by Gosselin, Kim

This book looks at exercise and how it can induce asthma. It explains that some children may have this problem, but encourages them to participate in physical activities.

| by Allen, Pamela

A bear was chasing Bertie. So, the king chased the bear and everyone in the knigdom ran along and made noise. The bear was flattered by all the attention.

| by Byfield, Barbara Ninde

A small town has a mystery to solve. The town's churchbell is haunted. With teamwork, the town solves the mystery and make a sad, lost hermit very happy.

| by Rice, Eve

There are several short stories in this book to depict a variety of family experiences.

| by Adoff, Arnold

This is a picture book with only the words Ra, Ma, La and Ha. The pictures tell the story of a boy and his parents who have a crop which they are planting. The pictures depicts the growth of the crops.

| by Quattlebaum, Mary

Mama's birthday is coming soon and even though she says she doesn't want a big fuss, her daughter knows better. With her aunts' help, she plans a birthday surprise. Planning was the easy part though, actually getting the party ready on time will be difficult, especially if no one does their part. In the end, only a take-charge kind of person will be able to surprise Mama.
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