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| by Walsh, J. P.

Three children walk along an old viaduct and leaving their slum neighborhoods by using their imaginations. Dulcie is sad because she's always lived in England and can't share memories with the other two.

| by Bogart, Jo Ellen

Whenever Grandma goes on a trip, she brings back a present. Sometimes it's something tangible and other times it's just a memory. No matter what Grandma brings, it's always special and can be shared.

| by Zolotow, C.

Lew misses his grandfather who died when he was two. Although Lew was young, he can still remember his grandfather's beard and eyes. Together, Lew and his mother reminisce about someone they both loved very much.

| by Rylant, Cynthia

A simple and creative way to look at death is illustrated. By viewing pictures of dogs, you can learn what happens to someone who dies.

| by Herold, Maggie Rugg

A snowstorm adds to the wonder and excitement of this very important day during which 219 people become U.S. citizens.

| by Thomas, Jane Resh

Teresa and her family are migrant farm workers whose home is wherever there is work. With no permanent home, Teresa carries with her a wooden box containing a single candle from her grandmother that reminds her of the place she considers home.

| by Turner, Ann//Himler, R.

Katie hides in her mother's wedding trunk when the British rebels comes to search her house during the American Revolution. Katie gets scared because it is hard for her to breathe. Someone finally opens the trunk so she can breathe again.

| by Gibbons, Gail

This book explains the significance of birthdays. It depicts the past history of birthday events and why that day is so special.

| by Fox, Mem

Miss Nancy loses her memory. Wilfrid asks everyone what a memory is so he can restore Miss Nancy's memory. When Wilfred gives her things in his lifetime that were memorable to him, Miss Nancy begins to remember things from her past.

| by Yolen, Jane

Boston needs water, so the Swift River is damned. Sally Jane's town is flooded so she rows out onto the lake and finds it hard to remember what her town looked like when she was young.

| by Bemelmans, Ludwig

Madeline is in London and meets a prince. She is distraught when they have to separate. The boy runs away and Madeline finds him.

| by Dengler, Marianna

When growing up, Amanda loved her Grandfather and his stories. But now that Amanda is old, she feels lonely. One day at the park she befriends a lonely boy. She is able to give the boy something very special. Then he gives her something in return.

| by Biale, Rachel

Make a scrapbook on how do you feel before we move. Draw several pictures of how you feel. What does your house look like now?What will our new house look like?What is special to you before we move?

| by Brandenberg, Aliki

Take a trip to the seaside through memories. Travel to the seaside to build sandcastles and splash around in the ocean with family members. Experience the magical, musical spell of the boardwalk at night. Never forget those wonderful memories from the trip to the seaside.

| by McGee, Myra

Lester and his mother do not ever want to forget the things they do together.

| by Jewell, Nancy

The moon tells a story of a family. Each family member has a different perspective of the night.

| by Johnston, Tony

A quilt is passed from one generation to the rest. It holds many of the same meanings for each generation.

| by Stevenson, James

Whenever his grandchildren complain about the cold, Grandpa tells about the really cold winters he experienced when he was young.

| by Darling, Benjamin

Valerie enjoys visiting her grandfather. One day, during her visit, he tells her a story of a pear tree. After hearing the story, they decide to make pear pies.
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