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| by Mayer, Mercer

A boy goes to a fancy dinner with his family and in his pocket brings along his pet frog. When the frog gets loose, all kinds of disasters happen.

| by Livermore, Elaine

A dog is looking for his bone and suddenly smells the scent of a cat. The reader and the dog must find the cat.

| by Greene, Rhonda Gowler

When some barnyard animals catch the flu, it is up to the farmer to nurse them back to health and restore the barnyard song to its usual splendor.

| by Prestine, Joan Singleton

A young girl has a day full of different moods. Although she starts out happy, she begins to feel different throughout the day. She does not want to share with her friend and gets upset when he plays with her toys. She learns what she should have said to make her family and friends understand.

| by Henkes, Kevin

Ruthie did not have a pet but she had an imaginary friend, Jessica. Ruthie's parents tried to tell her that there was no Jessica. When Ruthie went to kindergarten, she met a real friend named Jessica.

| by Bunting, Eve

Goose is a family pet, but the only person he really likes is mom. He does not like dad because dad threatens him all the time. Goose fights off a raccoon and the dad's attitude changes.

| by Blades, Ann

Mary and her family live in Mile 18 It is a cold winter and the family is poor. One day Mary finds a wolf pup, but her father will not allow her to keep it. Until, a coyete comes to get the hens and the pup warns the family. The father decides they can keep the pup and everyone is happy.

| by Wells, Rosemary

McDuff the dog chases a rabbit and ends up far from home. With the help of Mrs. Higgins, and McDuff's good sense of smell, he is able to find his way back.

| by Smith, Maggie

A family recalls its summer vacation to Maine through number. From packing one baby to backing sixteen blueberry pies to catching twenty fireflies the trip is remembered.

| by Smith, Linell

A young girl named Miranda discovers an alley cat while playing ball in her neighborhood. She tries to win the cat's heart by bringing him food every night and making sure he's okay. One night, she finds him injured. She takes him into her home, nurses him back to health, and lets him go, despite knowing she will never see him again.

| by Ellis, Ann Leo

Dabble Duck is Jason's pet. Jason's mom want to get rid of Dabble. But when Dabble helps save a hurt dog, Jason's allowed to keep Dabble.

| by Chall, Marsha Wilson

Jean Claude is going to boarding school, but no dogs are allowed at La School d'Excellence. Poor Bonaparte must find a way to be with Jean Claude!

| by Bunting, Eve

A young boy wakes up around midnight to no electricity, scary sounds, and the howling wind. He gets really scared, but his parents comfort him.

| by Hamilton, Dewitt

Amanda Martha's mother has a disease called depression. Amanda and her father call them sad days, glad days, mostly in-between days. Amanda wants a cuddly pet and when an alley cat comes along she finally gets a chance.

| by Dale, Penny

Little girl wakes up early while her family continues to sleep. She seeks out Mr. B to accompany her on her make-believe journey.

| by Hellsing, Lennart

Old Mother Hubbard takes care of her sheepdog by doing errand after errand for it.

| by Coerr, Eleanor

A small girl named Faith had a very special friendship with her goose Josefina. Faith is part of a pioneer family moving West. Throughout their journey, Faith makes a patch to represent each event she encounters, including the death of Jusetina. At the end, the quilt tells the story of the friendship between the goose and the little girl.

| by Cohen, Miriam

Jim's dog, Muffins, gets killed and when he goes to school, he won't talk to anyone. His friend, Paul, makes him laugh and realize that life goes on even after someone you love dies.

| by Warburg, Sandol Stoddard

Jamie has to deal with the death of a King. We see the healing process is long and slow, but healthy.

| by Caudill, Rebecca

Jay, a six year old boy, finds a cricket and makes him his pet. On the first day of school, Jay takes Cricket to school in his pocket. When Cricket chirps in class, Jay's teacher asks him to take it out for show and tell. Jay is very proud to show off his cricket.
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