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| by Banyai, Istvan

Re-zoom represents a series of scenes, each from farther away. For example, an Indian is on a wrist watch worn by a man, who is painting a wall. Re-zoom illustrates different perspectives of the same scenes. (A Wordless Book).

| by Behn, Harry

A five year old tells about how she learned to tell time. She compares clocks to people's faces. She also compares time to bugs, children, people, Sunday School, Santa Claus, and George Washington.

| by Day, Nancy Raines

A kitten explores her environment during her first year of life. She uses her senses to absorb the surroundings and playfully interacts with the world around her. Month after month the kitten grows and develops into a cat.

| by Carle, Eric

Today is Monday and it is string bean day. Tuesday is spaghetti day and Wednesday is ZOOOOP. Thursday is roast beef and Friday is fresh fish. It is time for all the hungry children to eat up!

| by Schaefer, Jackie Jasina

Miranda collects tropical fruit each day of the week in order to make a headdress to wear on Sunday, which is her day to dance. Fruits such as bananas, pineapples, and raspberries are shown with a different animal indigenous to South America.

| by Wisniewski, David

A young princess takes you on many adventures and helps you understand the value of presents.

| by Ray, Mary Lynn

When a young boy learns through nature his purpose in life, he has a hard time dealing with it. He has to overcome peoples' judgement on the career he chooses. But in the end he comes to se the true meaning of his work.

| by Dragonwagon, Crescent

A family on a hike discovers an old house that is deserted. Looking through remains, they learn about who once lived there.

| by Konigsburg, E.L.

Amy Elizabeth goes to New York to visit her grandma, who promises to take Amy Elizabeth to Bloomingdales to shop, however they spend so much time exploring other places, that they never make it there.

| by Bercaw, Edna Coe

Jennifer's Korean grandmother arrives just in time for Grandparents Day at school. But Jennifer is afraid that her grandmother will embarrass her because she doesn't speak English. However, after her grandmother tells Jennifer's class the story of her childhood, Jennifer is not embarrassed at all.

| by Shiefman, Vicky

A poor family eats potatoes every day of the week except Saturday. On Saturday, they eat potato pudding.

| by Murphy, Stuart J.

Time to wake up!Sammie the dog helps his friend get ready for school. How many minutes will it take to get ready for school?Help Sammie count the minutes it takes to get things done: eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, give hugs, and go off to school.

| by Hutchins, Pat

Mr. Higgins buys a clock for his attic. The clock in the attic does not show the same time as the clock in the hall. Mr. Higgins keeps buying more and more clocks until he finds one that shows the same time as all the other clocks

| by McLean, Andrew//McLean, Janet

The steam train needs to be on time today for Mary's party. But, Alf and Norm decide to get off to pick blackberries, only to lose the train!They finally catch it and make it on time.

| by Sopko, Eugen

Three well educated men go to the country to help the simple folk. The three cannot take care of themselves in the country and decide to go back to town.

| by Burns, Diane L

The making of maple syrup is a long process. First you must grow maple trees. Next is the tapping of the maple trees to collect the syrup. Once the syrup has been collected, it is cooked. the next step is grading and then the packing of the syrup.

| by Loomis, Christine

An exciting trip to the library takes you through many activities -- from looking for books, to checking the computer, to playing with blocks, to listening to fun stories. You will find so much at the library.

| by Heide, Florence Parry//Gilliland, Judith Heide

The House of Wisdom, an ancient library in Baghdad, is the center for new ideas and a quest for knowledge from all parts of the world. As scholars study and translate the ancient manuscripts, one boy, Ishaq, learns the wisdom on Aristotle through his expedition and a special book.

| by Ernst, Lisa Campbell

Stella Louella cannot seem to find her library book that is due at 5:00 All day, she tracks down its whereabouts along with others in the community who have seen the book along its trip. Find out where the book ends up.
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