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| by Williams, L.

A little old lady, who isn't afraid of anything, takes a walk in the woods at night. A pumpkin head, a tall black hat, a pair of pants, a shirt, two gloves and two shoes try to scare her.

| by George, William T

On their way to pick out a Christmas tree, a father and son observe the wildlife around them as they journey through the woods.

| by Hutchins, Pat

The wind picks up an object from each character as the story unfolds. The wind mixes up the objects, then drops them back down.

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| by Ekker, Ernest

This book takes the reader on a journey beyond a hill, beyond a mountain, and beyond the stars.

| by Clifton, Lucille

A young boy, King Shabazz, and his friend Tony Polito go looking for spring because they do not believe that it exists. They live in the city and search all over for signs of spring. They finally find springtime flowers and bird eggs.

| by Asch, Frank

A bear becomes upset because the moon grows smaller and he thinks it might disappear. He tries to feed the moon honey to make it bigger. A bird finally tells him that the birds eat the honey and the moon gets bigger and smaller on it's own.

| by Blakeley, Peggy

This is a very simple book that describes the rain before, during, and after. It also tells the story of how a tree shelters some boys and a butterfly, but they all leave after the rain.

| by Hunter, Anne

Possum awakes one evening and decides to throw a party in celebration of the beautiful harvest moon. He convinces his meadow friends to take time from preparing for the winter to celebrate with him.

| by Spier, Peter

Two children play outside in the rain discovering all of the wonderful things to do. When it is dark, they come in and warm up. The next day, the sun is shining.

| by Hoban, Tana

Illustrations show scenes in nature from way up high and way down low.

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| by Carlstrom, Nancy White

This book is filled with beautiful illustrations. It describes Anna in a field and what she experiences wiht nature.

| by Goffstein, M.B.

The Earth and how humans are all interconnected is depicted through nature.

| by Coerr, Eleanor

A young, determined Buffalo Bill uses his head to overcome nature and the dangers of the old west.

| by Heine, Helme

A beaver dreams about a pearl. He dreams that he becomes so greedy that he destroys his friendships, the pond, and eventually the whole forest. When he awakens, he gets rid of the oyster he has without even opening it in order to save his friendships and the forest.

| by Ezra, Mark

Field mice live in such interesting places. The realistic scenery and twists of plot will keep children on their toes.

| by Lapp, Eleanor

Bessie loves to pick blueberries in the woods behind her house. She picks so many blueberries that every container is filled. The bears go to Bessie's house to eat her blueberries because she picked all of the blueberries in the woods!

| by Ray, Mary Lyn

At age six, Celeb comes to live with the Shakers and he spends the rest of his life in their unique culture. He learns their ways, their songs, and is inspired by angels.

| by Chanin, Michael

After the rain, Flower longs for a day when she will see the great chief. When she has to make a blanket for him, she doubts her weaving skills. With her grandmother's love and encouragement, Flower makes the blanket. Will the chief ever receive such a gift?

| by Eldridge, M.E.

A garden goes through many changes during the different months of the year. The garden has a wide variety of plants and wildlife native to England.

| by Adlerman, Dan

A young girl dreams of all the animals in Africa. The animals seem to capture her attention through their actions. The animals frolick in the dusk of beautiful Africa.
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