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| by dePaola, Tomie

The local mime has fallen in love with the princess. When he goes to serenade her, he realizes she is already taken. Everyone laughs at him, but in the end, he realizes who his real friends are. (A Wordless Book)

| by Rice, Eve

The Brimble family has many adventures together. Mr. Brimble buys so many new musical instruments that the family is forced to move out!

| by Isadora, Rachel

Joey loves to go to the movies. He and his sister go to see a pirate movie. He keeps the movies alive in his imagination.

| by Krauss, Ruth

A young boy decides that it is Backward Day and does everything backward all morning. His parents play along until the little boy announces that Backward Day is over.

| by Schertle, Alice

A boy makes a scarecrow out of a witch hazel branch. The scarecrow, Hazel, has special powers only the boy knows of. Hazel saves a pumpkin to make a large harvest moon with it.

| by Jeffers, Susan

A small girl is having trouble sleeping during the night. Her mother comes into her room and begins to tell her about the horses that she can have when she wakes up.

| by Spier, Peter

While the boys are bored one day, they take apart many things around their house in order to build an airplane which really flies.

| by Seuss, Dr.

This book encourages readers to use their imaginations.

| by Gramatky, Hardie

A trolley's imagination keeps his repetitive job exciting but also gets him into trouble sometimes. At last the town council decides to turn him into a diner. He saves the day and is rewarded in the end.

| by Hughes, Shirley

A little girl wants to fly. She makes it off the ground, but so many people are frightened that she will hurt herself, so they chase her. One man even attempts to get her into his hot air balloon. She gets away from him by popping his balloon and they both fall to the ground. (Wordless)

| by Low, Alice

Herbert collects treasures from the dump, until his whole room is filled with things. His mother wants all the junk out of his room. One day, Herbert's problems are solved by finding a key that fits a door from the dump. He decides to build a castle, with the door and wood he finds, to store all his treasures. This satisfies both his mother and himself.

| by Roth, Susan//Phang, Ruth

Right before bedtime, a little girl asks her grandma to tell her stories about her quilt.

| by Schlein, Miriam

An elderly lady, who lives by herself, decides to clean her house and get rid of all her junk. She puts all the junk outside. People walking by see her pile of junk and find something of use to them. Soon everything is gone and the old lady wonders where her pile of junk went.

| by Asch, Frank

Bear wishes he could fly like Little Bird, and Little Bird wants to be big and strong like Bear. Both of them got their wishes fulfilled in a very creative and imaginative way.

| by Bodecker, N.M.

A beetle finds a home in a community of insects and small woodland creatures and makes many friends. One day the discarded remnants of a human's picnic makes a mess of their mushroom house neighborhood. Through a series of town meetings, the creatures come up with creative ways to use the rubbish to make a park.

| by Brandenburg, Franz

The Fieldmouse family has a lot of junk that they take with them when they move - just in case they could use it someday. Their junk eventually takes over all the space in the house. The aunt and uncle suggest that they make an arts and crafts circus out of all the junk.

| by Krensky, Stephen

Lionel's spring activities include plans to plant a vegetable garden, celebrate his parents anniversary, play with his friend, and participate in spring cleaning.

| by Vincent, Gabrielle

Ernest and Celestine plan to go on a picnic, but it is raining outside. They decide to pretend it is a sunny day and they go on the picnic anyway. While they are on their picnic, they make a new friend who invites them to his house.

| by Udry, Janice May

Mary Jo never talks during share time in school. She thinks of sharing her brand new umbrella, or the grasshopper she helped her brother catch, but her classmates already had shared those things. She eventually thinks of something to share that no one has shared -- her father.

| by French, Fiona

Anancy and Mr. Dry-Bone attempt to win the hand of the beautiful Miss Lause by making her laugh.
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