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| by Stanley, Diane

When Rumpelstiltskin's daughter is ordered by the King to spin straw into gold, she tricks him instead by telling him that sharing his gold with the townspeople is the way to increase his wealth.

| by Dorrie, Doris

Lottie wakes up from a dream of castles and gold and realizes that it is a very special day. She cannot wear her usual outfit to school, she must wear her special princess dress. Although her mother says that it is too cold outside, Lottie tries to explain that it is a very special day and everyone should be dressed up. Eventually, Lottie's mother agrees and they both wear princess dresses all day.

| by MacDonald, Amy

Rachel gets a blister and her mother calls all kinds of people to cure it. None of the remedies work so the queen tells them just to kiss it and it works.

| by Rose, Anne

The life of a peasant farmer and the czar are compared and contrasted by the peasant's child.

| by Fern, Eugene

The king was caring at one time. He would pay attention to his family and those in his kingdom. Now he is very mean. One day, he has a visitor that comes to see him and changes his whole outlook.

| by Denton, Kady MacDonald

A collection of nursery rhymes provides children with rhyming skills and patterns. Over 100 nursery rhymes are remembered through illustrations, songs, and verse.

| by Paterson, Diane

A duck is captured and taken by a cruel lord, but one of the servants saves the duck. The servant falls in love with another servant who protect her from the lord, and they get married.

| by Coville, Bruce

After an argument with her friend Oakhorn the unicorn, Sarah is kidnapped by a lonely dragon. In his castle, he is human and they become friends. The only way he can break the spell is to do something good while he is a dragon.

| by Bradfield, Roger

A nice, good-hearted prince named Cedric is in for a predicament. His father, the King, wants Cedric to sword the Dragon to proved that he can rule the kingdom. However, Cedric hates to fight and hates violence. At the end, Cedric humorously gets out of the situation while still earning respect and the kingdom.

| by Patz, Nancy

When an independent young girl refuses to follow the rule of the Prince of Mintz, there is a great uproar.

| by Kennedy, Richard

When two farmers find a beautiful red stone while digging a well, the King of Karnica becomes very greedy. This greed eventually destroys the kingdom.

| by Anno, Mitsumasa

The king believes he must have everything bigger and better than anyone else until he tries to grow the biggest flower. The little flower is so beautiful that the king realizes that bigger does not mean better.

| by Anderson, Lonzo//Adams, Adrienne

A boy wants to perform in front of the king at a festival. He first has to find a special talent. He tries to sing, juggle, and finally he comes up with something the king will love.

| by Myller, Rolf

The king had to deal with his horse getting sick, so he invents a wheel after many tries. Everyone is happy about this new excitement and means of escape.

| by Shulevitz, Uri

On Monday,a king, queen, and little prince go to visit a little boy to play. He is not home, so they return on Tuesday. The next day they bring along a knight with them and he is still not home. Each day another person comes along until Sunday when he is finally home.

| by Kroll, Steven

Because of Sylvie's goodness, her wicked stepmother and stepsister are vanquished, and she becomes Queen of the May. Because she selflessly helped others, they help her in return.

| by Lobel, Arnold

Giant John and his mother are very poor. Giant John leaves the enchanted forest to find a job. He comes across a castle and works for the royal family. Later, John returns with money just in time, before his mother is so desperate she must eat her shoe.

| by Steig, William

Roland, a singing pig, travels far away to play for the king. Little does he know that a sly fox wants to eat him.

| by Warburg, Sandol Stoddard

Jamie has to deal with the death of a King. We see the healing process is long and slow, but healthy.

| by dePaola, Tomie

A not-so-mean dragon and an inexperienced knight both learn how to fight one another and, then, decide to battle it out. Who will be defeated?Be ready for a surprise ending.
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