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Hunter bunny learns to ski


Hunter Bunny is eagerly awaiting for winter to arrive and is determined to take part in all the activities that come along with it. He visits his fellow animal friends who teach him to ski, skate and snowboard, but with Hunter Bunny's shorter leg, he is unable to be successful. With the help of his best friend Clark, the two find a way for Hunter to be able to ski in the animal ski race. Determined to win, Hunter Bunny practices day and night for the big competition and it pays off in the end when he brings home the first place ribbon.


Weaver, Alexis Rae


Golden Bunny Publishing


Kohnke, Jennifer M



City of Publication

Aspen, CO

Year of Publication


Author of Abstract

Mollie Steadley, 2004


Weaver, Alexis Rae, “Hunter bunny learns to ski,” Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University, accessed December 9, 2022,
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