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| by Willis, Val

Dragons and secrets are two things every child loves to read about. Bobby wants someone with whom to share his secret. When his secret is finally let is the dragon.

| by Reddix, Valerie

Every year, Tad-Tin and his grandfather make a special kite to fly on Kite's Day. This year Grandfather is sick, so it is up to Tin to sacrifice his special Dragon kite in order to carry all their misfortune away.

| by Wilson, S.

Tildy sets sail over Spooner Bay, being warned to beware of the dragons. When she encounters the dragons, she finds them friendly, and realizes that they only want to play. She decides to teach the town about the friendly dragons.

| by Elmer, Irene

Anthony's father is a magician. Anthony tells his teacher and class that he wants to be a magician too. The class does not believe in magic, so Anthony is determined to prove to them that he can do it. He makes dragons grow right in front of their eyes, but they are unable to see the dragons because they do not believe.

| by Coville, Bruce

After an argument with her friend Oakhorn the unicorn, Sarah is kidnapped by a lonely dragon. In his castle, he is human and they become friends. The only way he can break the spell is to do something good while he is a dragon.

| by Bradfield, Roger

A nice, good-hearted prince named Cedric is in for a predicament. His father, the King, wants Cedric to sword the Dragon to proved that he can rule the kingdom. However, Cedric hates to fight and hates violence. At the end, Cedric humorously gets out of the situation while still earning respect and the kingdom.

| by Craig, M. Jean

Joshua tapes up a clock box and tells his family that there is a dragon egg in it. The dragon is born and flies away immediately so that Joshua's family could never see it.

| by Sis, Peter

A young boy who loves dragons, goes with his parents to the Indonesian Island of Komodo in hopes of finding a dragon.

| by Wiesner, David

After falling asleep with a book, a boy dreams of a magical adventure. He travels to a kingdom, a forest, and a city where he meets animals and many characters. (A Wordless Book)

| by Hope, Christopher

Tarquin is a dinosaur and his fellow dragon disowned him. After settling a quarrel between the dragons and people. Tarquin is criticized again. He and Ellio fly away.

| by Gag, Wanda

A wise mountain man uses his wisdom to outsmart a mean dragon.

| by Willard, Nancy

The apprentice of an old and wise sorcerer misuses the powers of magic and suffers the consequences. Unable to control the sorcerer's magic, the apprentice soon finds herself overwhelmed by the spell she has cast.

| by Krahn, Fernando

A curious child slips away from a tour group at an old castle. He stumbles upon a sleeping dragon in the dungeon.

| by Pauey, Peter

Counting is made fun through the drawings and rhyming words of a dragon's dream.

| by dePaola, Tomie

A not-so-mean dragon and an inexperienced knight both learn how to fight one another and, then, decide to battle it out. Who will be defeated?Be ready for a surprise ending.

| by Minarik, Else Holmelund

A dragon comes out of a little girl's book and eats all of her toys. She refuses to let him back in the book until he gives back all of her toys.

| by Peet, Bill

Droofus the dragon is from a fierce family, but he is a good dragon. When he becomes separated from his family, he tries to find a new home. Meanwhile, the king wants his head for his castle wall. A small boy rescues Droofus and helps him find his family.

| by Nesbit, Edith

Effie has something in her eye. It is a mysterious little dragon. Soon the whole country is invaded by dragons of all sizes. Effie and her brother Harry are the ones who discover how to get rid of all the dragons.

| by Leaf, Margaret

A young boy is growing up in a rural village in China. An artist paints a dragon without eyes on the wall of a village. When the town insist he puts eyes on the dragon, amazing events occur.

| by Alexander, Sue

A king asks Muriel to help people from his kingdom who are afraid of a dragon. With her peanut butter cookies, Muriel finds the dragon. She then gives the dragon a bath which makes him feel better. In return, he becomes a nicer dragon so the king continues to give him a bath once a week.
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