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First come the zebra


In the Kenyan grassland, Abaani, a Maasai boy takes his cattle out to graze. While he is out he sees a vegetable stand with a young boy from the Kikuyu farms, who are rivals of his tribe because they destroy their land. While arguing, a group of Kamba women and children approach to trade for fruits and vegetables, and one baby wanders toward three warthogs. Abaani sees this and knows he can save the baby himself so he calls to Haki to help. Together they save the boy, which is the beginning of a growing friendship. They learn how to appreciate one another and hope to teach their families to be friends.


Barasch, Lynne


Lee & Low Books Inc.


Barasch, Lynne



City of Publication

New York

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Author of Abstract

Abstract provided by Laura Barbe, 2011


Barasch, Lynne, “First come the zebra,” Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University, accessed September 24, 2023,
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