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Manana, Iguana


Following the story line of Little Red Hen, Iguana decides to throw a fiesta and invite all of her friends. Set in the desert, the lazy cat, dog, and mouse are replaced by Conejo (rabbit), Culebra (Snake), and Tortuga (tortoise). As Iguana sets the stage for invitations, decorations, and of course, food preparation, her three lazy friends have an excuse for every task presented to them. Either they are too fast, too slow, or have no arms. As the evening of the fiesta approaches, Iguana decides that her three friends should not be included, as they did nothing. Feeling bad about not only being left out, but disappointing Iguana, the three friends decide to right the situation, and prove themselves worthy of her friendship.


Paul, Ann Whitford


Holiday House


Long, Ethan



City of Publication

New York

Year of Publication


Author of Abstract

Abstract provided by Amy Stevens, 2006


Paul, Ann Whitford, “Manana, Iguana,” Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University, accessed July 4, 2022,
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