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Sergio and the hurricane


A young boyメs family prepares for a hurricane in San Juan, Puerto Rico. At first, Sergio is excited, but after a whole day of getting ready for the storm, he falls asleep exhausted. The hurricane hits in the middle of the night so Sergio joins his parents in their bed, Papa tells him a story to ease his fears. For many weeks after the storm, the San Juan community clears the damage left by the wind and flooding. When school resumes, Sergioメs teacher gives a science lesson on hurricanes.


Wallner, Alexandra


Henry Holf and Company



City of Publication

New York

Year of Publication


Author of Abstract

Abstract provided by: Valerie A. Ubbes, 2007


Wallner, Alexandra, “Sergio and the hurricane,” Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University, accessed October 1, 2023,
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