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Amelia bedelia and the surprise shower


Amelia Bedelia always seems to take everything literally. This only leads to chaos as well as laughter as Amelia Bedelia helps prepare for a surprise bridal shower. From モpruning the hedgesヤ by placing prunes on the hedges, to モicing the fishヤ by covering them in chocolate icing, well-intentioned Amelia causes quite a commotion. After hosing down the guest of honor as part of the モshowerヤ, Amelia turns the entire party into a disaster, but at least all of the guests leave in laughter.


Parish, Peggy


Scholastic Inc.


Siebel, Fritz

City of Publication

New York

Year of Publication


Author of Abstract

Abstract provided by Megan Eckes, 2006


Parish, Peggy, “Amelia bedelia and the surprise shower,” Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University, accessed October 2, 2022,
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