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Billy Twitters and his blue whale problem


When Billy Twitters doesn't brush his teeth or finish his peas, his mother says we are going to buy you a whale. This does not worry Billy, because he knows how large blue whales are and he couldn't possibly have one delivered. To his surprise, one morning there is a blue whale sitting outside his house, and it is his responsibility. The whale causes problems at school because Billy's classmates pick him at gym. And it just gets worse: his parents give him the owner's manual for the whale. While feeding him, Billy realizes that when he's inside the whale, nobody's laughing and nobody's telling him what to he decides to make himself at home!


Barnett, Mac


Hyperion Books


Rex, Adam



City of Publication

New York

Year of Publication


Author of Abstract

Abstract provided by, 2011


Barnett, Mac, “Billy Twitters and his blue whale problem,” Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University, accessed July 2, 2022,
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