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The ugly vegetables
Lin, Grace
A young Chinese girl helps her mom plant Chinese vegetables. She initially compares her mom's "ugly" garden to those of her neighbor's garden. The two use lots of gardening tools to plant the seeds for vegetables. Her mom then cooks the vegetables and invites the other neighbors in to share the nutritious meal.

Zinnia's flower garden
Wellington, Monica
Zinnia plants nine different types of flowers seeds and waits for them to grow. Zinnia waters and cares for the garden each day and writes in her journal to document the progress. The garden blossoms into flowers. Zinnia sells her flowers before autumn and winter comes.

The paradise garden
Thompson, Colin
Peter likes to sit and enjoy the wildlife and gardens around his house. Peter escaped and lived in the wild on his own. He plants seeds and picks fruits and vegetables. Peter feels lonely when the trees dies so he returns home.

The pumpkin patch
King, Elizabeth
The growth of a pumpkin starts as a seed and the farmer cares for them until they are plump, orange, and ready to be picked. The logistics and details of a pumpkin patch are outlined.

In the children's garden
Schaefer, Carole Lexa
A group of neighborhood children work together to grow a garden full of vegetables in an urban area. In the Children's Garden, children take responsibility for planting the seeds and caring for them until they are grown.

How a seed grows
Jordan, Helene
Children conduct experiments on how to grow a plant from a seed. They plant seeds and watch the plants grow.

One potato: A counting book of potato prints
Pomeroy, Diane
A counting book that counts from one to ten and then counts by tens to one hundred. Potato prints are used to paint the pictures of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and flowers which are incorporated as counting tools.