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| by Strauss, Gwen//Browne, Anthony

Eric is a quiet boy who is often teased by his peers. He tends to only speak to his imaginary friend, the Night Shimmy. This continues until he meets an unexpected friend in the park one afternoon.

| by Clements, Andrew

Billy is having trouble with his teacher so he decides to write down all of his teacher's bad qualities. It's only when Billy decides to write down the qualities of a good teacher that he finds Mr. Adams, his teacher, is not so bad.

| by Baker, Jeannie

A wordless book that depicts changes occurring outside a window throughout one boy's life.

| by Grossman, Bill

A guy is born five minutes late. He is always five minutes late for everything he tries to do. When he feels bad that he is late again, he meets a princess who was also born five minutes late!

| by DeWitt, Jamie

Eleven year old Jamie helps his stepfather, Butch, pick corn one autumn day. When the corn picker becomes plugged up, Butch attempts to climb off the tractor but gets caught and is seriously injured. Jamie saves Butch's life by turning the corn picker off and running for help. Jamie keeps the farm running while Butch recovers from the accident.
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