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The girl who wore too much: A folktale from Thailand


This folktale from Thailand follows Aree as she prepares to go to a dance. Shes believes that by wearing all of her pretty dresses and fine jewelry, she will look her best. She realizes that too many clothes can be hot and cumbersome and does not make it to the dance with her friends. After missing the dance, she gives many of her nice things away and decides that it is better to wear one simple dress than to try too hard to look special with all her pretty dresses and fine jewelry.


MacDonald, Margaret Read


August House Publishers, Inc.


Davis, Yvonne Lebrum



City of Publication

Little Rock, AK

Year of Publication


Author of Abstract

Pamela Theurer, 2006


MacDonald, Margaret Read, “The girl who wore too much: A folktale from Thailand,” Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University, accessed October 1, 2023,
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