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| by Ryder, Joanne

A little girl wakes up to a mockingbird in her window and decides to go explore the mysteries of nature.

| by Schaefer, Lola M.

A tall and bright sunflower follows the cycle of a plant. A variety of different birds help scatter the seeds, rain and sun nourish the seeds and before you know it, there are more and more vibrant sunflowers.

| by Jonas, Ann

Come hear the enchanting sounds of the wild in all its wonder by taking a walk through nature. Shh!Quiet!Listen!The language of birds has many connections to the language of people.

| by Frazee, Marla

The baby will not hush and the family can't take it any longer. A peddler, who has a wagon filled with toys and animals, tries to aid the family. Nothing works, until exhaustion takes over and the loving family has the sweetest baby in town.

| by Ahlberg, Allan

The familiar lullaby beginning with Hush, little baby, don't say a word,finds many new twists in this story. Read all about the many adventures that the baby encounters with other members of the family.

| by Zemach, Margot

Based on the popular lullaby, a baby is promised a strange assortment of things, from a mockingbird to a horse and cart--all for not crying.
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