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The Things I Do With My Friends


Relationships; Physical Activity; Play; Children; Habits of Health & Habits of Mind (Ubbes, 2008)


National Health Education Standards

Standard 1:
Students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health.

Performance Indicators for Grade 2:
1.2.1 Identify that healthy behaviors impact personal health.

1.2.2 Recognize that there are multiple dimensions of health.

Standard 7:
Students will demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and avoid or reduce health risks.

Performance Indicator for Grade 2:
7.2.1 Demonstrate healthy practices and behaviors to maintain or improve personal health.


Brockman, Abbey; Scrimizzi, Kristin


Miami University Libraries




Ubbes, Valerie (editor and genre designer)




English; Italian






The Things I Do With My Friends Le Cose Che Faccio Con I Miei Amici
By Abbey Brockman & Kristin Scrimizzi

I run fast with my friends. (funzioni velocemente)
I swim in the pool with my friends. (nuotata nello stagno)
I play soccer with my friends. (calcio del gioco)
I take photographs with my friends. (prenda le fotografie)
I watch television with my friends. (guardi la televisione)
I eat food with my friends. (mangi l'alimento)
I take ballet with my friends. (balletto dell'introito)
I jump really high on the trampoline with my friends. (salti realmente su)
I swing on the monkey bars with my friends. (oscillazione)
I paint artwork with my friends. (vernice)
I play tee ball with my friends. (sfera del T del gioco)
I play volleyball with my friends. (pallavolo del gioco)
I sing with my friends. (canti)
I play board games with my friends. (giochi da tavolo del gioco)
I read books with my friends. (legga i libri)
I go sledding with my friends. (vada sledding)
I go to the zoo with my friends. (vada al giardino zoologico)
I bake cookies with my friends. (cuocia i biscotti)
I have sleepovers with my friends. (abbia sleepovers)
I play basketball with my friends. (pallacanestro del gioco)
I go snow skiing with my friends. (va la corsa con gli sci della neve)
I draw pictures with my friends. (immagini di tiraggio)
I play on the computer with my friends. (gioco sul calcolatore)
I play ice hockey with my friends. (hokey di ghiaccio del gioco)
I have fun with my friends. (abbia divertimento)

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Brockman, Abbey; Scrimizzi, Kristin, “The Things I Do With My Friends,” Health Literacy Database at Miami University, accessed July 15, 2024,

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