Everyday Health

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Everyday Health


Nutrition; Physical Activity; Play; Sleep; Hygiene; Relationships; Children; Habits of Health & Habits of Mind (Ubbes, 2008)


Birchfield, Christina; White, Miche'


Miami University Libraries




Ubbes, Valerie (editor and genre designer); Wikkes, A (translator)




English; French






Everyday Health
by Christina Birchfield & Miche White

When I wake up, the first thing I do is brush my teeth (les dents) with my toothbrush and tooth paste.

After I brush my teeth (les dents), I was my face (lafigure) with soap and water.

In the wintertime, I put gloves on my hands (las mains), hat on my head (la tête), coat on my arms (les bras) and chest (la poitrine), pants on my legs (la jambes), and boots on my feet (les pieds).

In the summertime, I put shorts on my legs (las jambes) and a t-shirt or tank top on my shoulders (l’épaules) and chest (la poitrine) and gym shoes on my feet (les pieds.

When it snows, I go outside and throw snowballs using my arms (les bras) and hands (las mains) with my friends.

During winter, I like to make snow angels while laying in the snow and moving my legs (las jambes) from side to side and my arms (les bras) up and down.

During summer, I play outside and jump rope. My legs (las jambes) and feet (les pieds) help when I jump up and down, while my arms (les bras) help to turn the rope.

When it’s hot outside in the summer, I like to swim in cold water by using my arms (les bras) and legs (las jambes) to move and lifting my head (la tête) out of the water so I can breathe through my mouth (la bouche) and nose (le nez).

After I eat dinner with my mouth (la bouche) and teeth (les dents), I take a bath and wash my neck (le cou) and behind my ears (l’oreilles) well.

Before I go to sleep at night, I use my eyes (les yeux) to read a book and my hands (las mains) to turn the pages.

When I am finally ready to go to sleep, I close my eyes (les yeux) and dream sweet dreams.


Birchfield, Christina; White, Miche', “Everyday Health,” Health Literacy Database at Miami University, accessed May 18, 2022, https://dlp.lib.miamioh.edu/healthliteracy/items/show/89.