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| by Cowen-Fletcher, Jane

Young Yemi's responsibility is to look after her brother, Kokou, while at the market with her mother. Yemi quickly loses sight of her brother, but Kokou is safe with the neighbors in the community. Yemi learns that It takes a village to raise a family.

| by Zolotow, C.

As a little girl looks through old pictures in a photo album, her mom explains to her that the sky will always be blue, the grass will always be green, and everything will be just the same when she grows up.

| by Van Allsburg, Chris

On Christmas Eve, one little boy who had not lost the meaning of Christmas went on a train to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus's workshop and his reindeer. The boy was given a bell from Santa's sleigh, but the only ones who could hear it ring were those who still believe in Santa. On the way home he loses it, but when he wakes up the next morning, it is under his pillow.

| by Cooper, Susan

Danny realizes the giving, magical nature of Christmas. Danny's family is poor and cannot afford a Christmas tree this year. Danny's only wish is for a tree. With help from a friendly stranger and a school play, Danny gets his wish.

| by Howard, Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Chita is excited about Christmas. She picks out a tree for the family. Together they decorate the tree the night before Christmas. They all wake up together on Christmas morning to find presents under the tree.

| by Aliki.

One Christmas eve, a family gathers in front of their Christmas tree. Each ornament brings back a memory. The family shares rememberences of friends, places, events and their own family through the stories of each decoration.

| by Polacco, Patricia

A Russian family gathers together to celebrate Christmas in the Russian tradition.

| by Lindgren, Astrid//Wickland, Ilon

Noisy Village is rich with traditions for children. Noisy Village is a fun, happy, and busy place during Christmas.

| by Oberman, Sheldon

A person's life is followed from birth to almost death. Jewish traditions, culture, and families are highlighted.

| by Saunders, Susan

Edith wakes up and rushes out of bed. She is excited because today is the fish fry. The whole town gathers down by the river to fish and have a picnic.

| by dePaola, Tomie

Strega Nona has a huge Christmas feast to prepare. How will she finish with untrustworthy Big Anthony as her only helper?Big Anthony will suprise us in the end!

| by Baron-Hall, Daria

Relatives visit for Christmas Eve dinner. With a house full of children and adults, there are two separate tables. One little girl does not want to sit at the children's table because she thinks she's too grown up. In the end, she sits with the kids and discovers the true magic of Christmas.

| by Cohen, Barbara

Leah and Henry want to save the carp that their mom will want to cook for dinner. They try to hide the carp in the tub and also in a bucket. Their dad explains that fish are for eating so he gives them a cat as a pet.

| by Obligado, Lilian

Pierre is worried that his father might sell Melody, his cow. Melody can no longer give milk and Pierre's father has no need for her. Pierre decides to do all he can for Melody so she will produce milk. He feeds her the best food, and she turns into a very special cow.

| by Shannon, Terry

Running Fox is a young boy learning the customs of his people. His greatest desire is to catch an eagle and be looked upon as a man. When he finally catches an eagle, he knows he has become a man.

| by Kimmel, Eric A.

Hershel spends his Hanakkah holiday in the old town synagoue. his purpose is to ward off the terrible coblins that keep the villagers from celebrating Hanukkah. Hershel restores the holiday to the village by out-smarting the goblins.

| by Robbins, Ruth

As Baboushka cleans her hut one evening, three gentlemen visit and ask if she would like to go with them to where a child is born. She declines, but decides to go the next morning. Much to her dismay, she cannot find the child. As legend goes, each year she sets out in search of the child.

| by Rattigan, Jama Kim

Marisa, a young Asian American girl, attempts to help make the dumplings for dumpling soup which her family has been making for generations. She hold a strong sense of pride, honor, and love in her heart for her family.

| by Cooney, Barbara

Hattie is a child of German immigrants. She has the courage to pursue her goal of becoming an artist.

| by Goodall, John S.

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