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| by Joosse, Barbara M.

An annual family reunion involving berry picking and jam making, reminds Ben that he is part of a big family, even though his immediate family is small. It is also a noisy family of grandparents, cousins, uncles, and aunts.

| by Danziger, Paula

Justin is Amber Brown's best friend and companion in all sorts of imaginative and pretend play. Amber is sad when she discovers Justin is moving away. Third grade adds up to one terrible year.

| by Varley, Susan

When Badger dies, the rest of the animals are very sad. It is not until they remember all of the good times with Badger that they get over their sadness.

| by Uchida, Yoshiko

Emi and her family had to go to a Japanese-American prison camp during the war. Laurie, Emi's best friend, gives her a bracelet to take to camp. Although Emi loses the bracelet and becomes afraid that she will forget her friend, she realizes that she will always have her memories of Laurie.

| by Zolotow, C.

As a little girl looks through old pictures in a photo album, her mom explains to her that the sky will always be blue, the grass will always be green, and everything will be just the same when she grows up.

| by Howard, Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Susan and Sarah spend a Sunday afternoon with their Aunt. As they try on her old hats, Aunt Flossie tells a story associated with each one. Afterwards, they celebrate with their favorite food - crab cakes.

| by Aliki.

One Christmas eve, a family gathers in front of their Christmas tree. Each ornament brings back a memory. The family shares rememberences of friends, places, events and their own family through the stories of each decoration.

| by Say, Allen

A young man describes the journey of his grandfather between Japan and America. When the young man visits America, he falls in love with it. He begins to feel like his grandfather, and gains a better understanding of him through his journey and emotions.

| by Rosenblatt, Lily

A young girl loses everything she has in a fire. In her diary, she works through her feelings of loss and pain. She also plans strategies to escape fires in the future.

| by Carlstrom, Nancy White

A young boy is apprehensive about moving to another house. The boy is willing to let his mother take all of his things, but he is not willing to go. She reminds him that at his new home he will have many new things and special places, but more importantly, the family will be together.

| by Gould, Deborah

Sam and Douglas love visiting their grandparents. When they are at their grandparents house, they always watch old slides. However, this is interrupted for a while when their Grandfather dies and they learn to deal with death.

| by Willard, Nancy

A shoemaker and his wife want to have their picture taken for their wedding anniversary. A photographer comes to their house to take their picture. The entire time, the couple keeps adding objects to their photo setting. The photographer keeps reminding them that simple pictures are best.

| by Stevenson, James

Mary Ann and Louie are really bored, but a story about their Grandpa and his brother when they were young and bored, keeps them busy for awhile.

| by Fox, Mem

An old woman sleeps but her dog is disturbed by all kinds of noises. The old woman dreams of all the important events in her life. When she wakes up, her family giving her a surprise 90th birthday party.

| by Shecter, Ben

A boy has good memories of an old house and a singing sparrow. The house is torn down and the boy uses parts of the house to build a home for the sparrow.

| by Stolz, Mary

On the night of a big storm, Thomas is a little afraid, so his grandfather tells him a story about how he overcame his fear when he was a young boy. Thomas is no longer afraid, so he can go to sleep.

| by Yeo, Yumi

Yungsu's family moves from Korea to America. When Yungsu goes into his new town and sees children playing, he missed his friends from Korea. Yungsu tells his mother that he wants to go back to Korea, but his father explains that their life will be better in America.

| by Zolotow, C.

A little girl looks at pictures of her mother through her life and ends by looking at a photo of her mother holding her as a baby.

| by Johnson, Ryerson

A mother reminices about when her little girl was a baby and would not stop crying. The baby just wanted to be held, just like tonight.

| by Pearson, Susan

Kelly enjoys all the seasons, because she and her family do many things together.
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