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| by McNulty, Faith

After a snake is captured, it escapes inside a young boy's house. This snake finds clever places to hide while the young boys searches for him.

| by Joyce, William

When the Old Lady is too sick to take care of the garden, the brave bugs realized that they must summon the Leaf Men to save the garden from the destruction made by the evil Spider Queen. The Leaf Men save the garden and the Old Lady's heart returns so she can once again grow her garden.

| by Wright, D.

A doll, Edith, and Little Bear are told about boats by Big Bear. Little Bear is told not to go on a boat, but he and Edith disobey and get lost in the big ocean. Big Bear saves them and they learn their lesson about going on a boat by themselves.

| by Steig, William

Toby just loves to hide from his parents in every part of the house. This time, will they find him, or will they give up the search?

| by Alarcon, Karen Beaumont

Louella Mae has disappeared and her family goes on a wild search around the farm to find her. At the end, not only is her location discovered, but also the fact that Louella Mae is really a pig!

| by Kellogg, Steven

Timmy's long, frustrating search for his favorite green ball ends with a surprising turn of events.

| by Jonas, Ann

A little boy lost his blanket. He looks all over his house and can not find it anywhere. Actually he left it at his friends house and she brings it to him.

| by Stapler, Sarah

Trilby's brother hides his trumpet because he plays it too loudly. The reader must help Trilby find his trumpet.

| by Kraus, Robert

A young mouse loses his mother, father and sister and becomes very lonely. However, he finds his family and ends up with a new brother.

| by Grossman, Bill

Little Tommy is left at the grocery store and mistaken for items in the store. Finally his mom comes back to get him.

| by Vreeken, Elizabeth

Bobby Brown liked to pretend he was other characters in a story, so he always used a character's name when someone asked him his name. One day he got lost and people could not find his family, so finally he said his real name.

| by Peet, Bill

Droofus the dragon is from a fierce family, but he is a good dragon. When he becomes separated from his family, he tries to find a new home. Meanwhile, the king wants his head for his castle wall. A small boy rescues Droofus and helps him find his family.

| by Cowen-Fletcher, Jane

Young Yemi's responsibility is to look after her brother, Kokou, while at the market with her mother. Yemi quickly loses sight of her brother, but Kokou is safe with the neighbors in the community. Yemi learns that It takes a village to raise a family.

| by Gerstein, Mordicai

May gets lost and is found by her Aunt Jane. She is informed that she has a father and trys to find him.

| by Mahood, Kenneth

Willy lives with his seven uncles who always keep everything in ship shape. Willy loses everything, but he does find something very important.

| by Thaler, Mike

After the smile flies off the clown, he must chase it from the lion tamer to the mayor's wife. After staying away for awhile, the smile comes back to the clown.

| by Turkle, Brinton

While spending the summer at the beach, a boy notices that the clouds look like a dog. He wishes the dog was real and that it belonged to him. One day the boy finds a dog like the one in the clouds. He asks people in the town if it belongs to them, but no one claims it. At the end of the summer, the boy takes the dog home.

| by Zion, Gene

Harry's grandmother gives him a sweater with roses on it for his birthday. He doesn't like it and tries to lose it. He finally does and grandma gives him a new sweater that has black and white spots!

| by Hughes, Shirley

Who is hiding?Let's see who is hiding behind books, newspapers, and hats.

| by Van Allsburg, Chris

On Christmas Eve, one little boy who had not lost the meaning of Christmas went on a train to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus's workshop and his reindeer. The boy was given a bell from Santa's sleigh, but the only ones who could hear it ring were those who still believe in Santa. On the way home he loses it, but when he wakes up the next morning, it is under his pillow.
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