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| by Rylant, Cynthia

Henry takes his dog, Mudge, to obedience school. Although Henry is worried about how well Mudge will do, he is pleasantly surprised when Mudge learns all of his commands and passes his obedience test.

| by Schwartz, Amy

It is Alice's birthday and her mom promises her a dog. She choses one dog, but the dog refuses to listen. They put the dog in obedience school. Another dog teaches Baba how to howl.

| by Scarry, Richard

The animals learn how to depend on air to fly planes, dry laundry, blow out candles, inflate tires and many other uses.

| by Keats, Ezra Jack

Peter wants to learn how to whistle to make his dog, Willie, come.

| by Gauch, Patricia Lee

Tanya, the smallest and wiggliest girl in her ballet class, and Emily, the talented newcomer, become friends and learn something from each other.

| by Hoban, Russell

Arthur, the crocodile, lacks manners. Food falls out of his mouth, and he talks with his mouth full. He is invited to dinner at Alberta's house, so he tries to learn some table manners. He watches how Alberta eats and tries to eat the way she does.

| by Ericsson, Jennifer

A little city boy tells jokes, juggles, and sings so a cow will give milk. Eventually, he learns that in order to get milk he needs to squeeze the cow's udders.

| by Brandenburg, Aliki

Where does milk come from?Take a tour of a barn with cows and their milk all the way to the dairy. See how milk is processed and the other dairy products that are made from the milk.

| by Hoff, Syd

Barkley is a talented dog that does tricks for the circus. Soon, Barkley is too old and another dog takes his place. Barkley feels all alone and no longer useful. The circus owner calls Barkley back to teach the new dogs.

| by Williams, G.

Timothy is a cat who is afraid of everyting. His mom teaches him how to be mighty. Eventually, Timothy scares a dog which builds his self-esteem.

| by Prelutsky, Jack

A hungry tiger is always eating people, including a grocerer, a baker, and a farmer. One day the tiger makes the mistake of eating the tailor and he learns his lesson.

| by Carlstrom, Nancy White

What would you do if you lived at the zoo?Would you stay with the lions and tigers or would you hang with the monkeys?How would you talk to the animals at the zoo?Take a trip to this zoo and find out just exactly what you would do if you live at a zoo.

| by Gundersheimer, Karen

A tiny person plays with different objects as she learns about colors.

| by Brown, Craig

A tractor pulls many different types of machines in order to plant and cultivate a crop of food. Once the corn grows, the farmer uses another machine to harvest it for market.

| by Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman

Twitchell Mouse wants everything his friends have. One day, he gets everything he thinks he wants. Then with the help of his friend, Twitchell discovers that he is happiest with his own things.

| by Christelow, Eileen

Henry the Rabbit decides to paint himself with red stripes. Because of the stripes, a fox sees Henry and kidnaps him. Eventually, Henry is reunited with his parents and learns a lesson.

| by Hughes, Peter

Baron Brady spends each day angrily collecting taxes from his poor tenants. A lesson from a new shoe maker teaches the Baron that it is fun to be good tempered, rather than always be angry.

| by Hazen, Barbara Shook

A little boy and his family have plans to go camping, but they are cancelled because of the rain. The little boy gets angry and disappointed, but has a fun day at home after all.

| by Marshall, James

George and Martha are two hippos who learn about friendship, not hurting others' feelings, using their imagination, and learning forgiveness in five short stories.

| by Aliki

When a child moves to a new school it can be frightening. Mari not only moved to a new school, but a new culture as well. Mari uses painted pictures to communicate her words and recalls her life through spoken memories.
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