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| by Tripp, Nathaniel

As farmer Ben begins his hot job of bailing hay one summer day, a cold front changes the weather pattern. An explanation of what happens in the clouds is given as Ben works rapidly to get his hay inside. After the storm is over, Ben discovers that there is more work for him to do from the storm's destruction.

| by Rylant, Cynthia

Poppleton the pig is welcoming the fall. He celebrates the new season with some friendly geese. His friend, Cherry Sue, helps him find a great new coat to stay warm. Pancakes with the Lions turns out to be a sticky situation for Poppleton. Fall has begun and Poppleton is getting ready!

| by Tryon, Leslie

Through determination, a cast of animals put on a play. The animals are successful and everything goes right.

| by Delton, Judy

Duck had an elephant in his garden that smashed his chair and lettuce. Duck and Bear tried everything possible to make the elelphant leave. Finally, Rabbit Junior suggested they ask him to leave. The elephant kindly left the garden.

| by Bloom, Becky

A wolf is determined to learn to read so he can gain acceptance by a group of educated farm animals. The wolf goes to school to learn to read and refines his skills through practice and using the library. The wolf becomes so talented his skilss impres the farm animals who then welcome his company.

| by Rylant, Cynthia

Henry takes his dog, Mudge, to obedience school. Although Henry is worried about how well Mudge will do, he is pleasantly surprised when Mudge learns all of his commands and passes his obedience test.

| by Harvey, Brett

A young girl deals with hardships and dangers when traveling. Her family moves from Illinois to California by wagon in the 1860's.

| by Goode, Diane

Two sweet spirited, young siblings and their mischievous dog exercise their muscles and goodwill as they search for the perfect present for Mama. They experience a comic escapade through the city blocks of markets and vendors.

| by Parnall, Peter

A young boy lies quietly on the ground motionless waiting for animals to come near.

| by Oakley, Graham

Humphrey, a church mouse, makes a New Year's Resolution to write the story of his life. Instead he keeps a journal because he would not know what happens in the last chapter.

| by Ormondroyd, Edward

Broderick, the mouse, is determined to be famous, so he goes against his friends advice and becomes a famous surfer.

| by McCully, Emily Arnold

A group of mice go to school and their little brother who is too young for school follows them.

| by Keats, Ezra Jack

Peter wants to learn how to whistle to make his dog, Willie, come.

| by Lionni, Leo

Unlike the other mice, Tillie has always been curious about the wall they live next to. She imagines what could be on the other side of the wall and is determined to find out .

| by Khalsa, Dayal Kaur

When her parents refuse to get her a dog, May creates an imaginary dog out of a roller skate.

| by Shecter, Ben

Conrad builds a castle even though his friends are trying to do other things. The castle collapses so Conrad decides to rebuild it. Again, his friends try to get him to do other things, but Conrad completes his castle which stands this time.

| by McCully, Emily Arnold

A family of mice go on a picnic. When one of the children fall out of the car, the family discovers that he is missing and they go to find him.

| by Manushkin, Fran

Buster loves buttons and even goes so far as to take them right off of people's clothing. Finally, a little girl and her dog set Buster straight.

| by Hoff, Syd

Milton the moose wants to help pull Santa's sleigh. At first he is really clumsy and he wants to quit. Santa assures him that he can do it. It takes him several tries to learn how to do everything right, but he ends up doing so well, Santa asks him back for the next year.

| by Luttrell, Ida

Mattie's cat, Prowler, and dog, Howler, accidentally scare off her four hens. They must get the hens back without getting caught in any of Mattie's thief-traps.
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