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| by Winthrop, Elizabeth

Dumpy La Rue is a pig with a passion for dancing. All of the other animals, including his family, keep telling Dumpy that pigs can't dance. But Dumpy doesn't listen and soon all of the animals are dancing with him.

| by Phillips, Mildred

A cow wonders why she says moo but all the other farm animals make different noises. She soon learns that each animal has its own identity and makes its own sounds, making them all unique.

| by Francoise.

Jeanne-Marie goes to the fair, and is told not to take her pet sheep. She ties her sheep to the tree. The sheep gets loose and runs to the fair, where he is confronted by a large elephant. Jeanne-Marie saves him.

| by Brown, Margaret Wise

The big red barn has many different farm animals that live in it. All the animals go out and play on the day when the children are not there.

| by Shaw, Nancy

Five sheep set sail on their ship. They run into a violent storm that causes their ship to sink. The sheep escape on a life raft and drift to shore where they are safe again.

| by Robinson, Marileta

Three stories featuring Mr. Goat, Jerry Prairie Dog, Grandfather Sheep and other Navajo friends.

| by Shaw, Nancy

Five sheep stop at a restaurant to eat on the way home from a trip. The sheep order a variety of food and are sloppy, noisy, and rude. They get kicked out of the restaurant and graze on the restaurant lawn. This makes the sheep happy so they leave a big tip.

| by Perine, Mary

Salt boy wants to learn to rope horses. His father will not teach him until he is older and has learned to respect animals. Salt boy saves a lamb from drowning with a rope and his father agrees that he has grown up.

| by Alborough, Jez

As duck drives home in his truck, he hits a rock which leaves him stuck in the muck. Frog first tries to help, then sheep and finally goat. Working together the four animals are able to get the truck out.

| by Francoise.

A girl, her duck, and her sheep play together. The duck gets lost and Jeanne-marie must find her.

| by Spielgelman, Art

The dog narrating this story explains the wizard's curse and many other adventures that turn him into this book. He longs for the curse to be broken and for someone to save him from being the pages of a book. He wants someone to give him a loving home.

| by Cazet, Denys

Gregory has quite an imagination which he uses while drawing pictures. In class, they are to draw a still life of a flower vase. Gregory gets carried away, and his vase becomes a spaceship. Gregory thinks he will get in trouble for his drawing, but the teacher loves it and puts it up in the classroom.

| by Martin, Patricia Miles

Molly White Horse is a little girl who learns not to be afraid and learns to trust an enemy.

| by Ziefert, Harriet

In an effort to find the perfect pet which he believes he should be able to ride, a countryman exchanges his dog for a mare. However he soon finds that the mare is not what he expected which begins a long series of unsuccessful pet exchanges, including a goat, a sheep, a cow, and a rooster among others. In the end, however, the countryman makes a successful exchange, in which he acquires his dog who is always by his side.

| by Aylesworth, Jim

A farm is the setting for this counting rhyme. The rhyme takes us through summer then through winter.

| by Shaw, Nancy

Sheep in a jeep create havoc and learn a lesson of how catastrophies come from fooling around.

| by McCarty, Peter

Where is Little Bunny going?Past the cow and the sheep, over the train tracks, and through the fence - but where will his trip end?

| by Hughes, Shirley

A Grandmother tells her granddaughter the story of the house beginning with great-great-great-great grandpa. Grandmother explains how the house was built, what food were grown to eat, and the ways of life throughout the years.

| by Lasky, Kathryn

A farmer is on his way home from the market and discovers the emperor's old clothes along the road. He tries them on and feels wonderful!When he gets back to his farm and beloved animals, he discovers how hard it is to do his chores in his new clothes and finds it is better to just be himself and wear his regular clothes.

| by Hughes, Shirley

Alfie enjoys the outdoors. He goes camping, plays on big trees, and just about anything one could imagine to do in the outdoors.
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