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| by Mayer, Mercer

A queen who likes to dance is forbidden by the king. She then begins to sing and is forbidden to do that as well. Finally, the king realizes he is wrong and allows the whole kingdom to sing and dance.

| by Yolen, Jane

A blind princess learns to see the world through her fingertips from an old blind man.

| by Peet, Bill

Droofus the dragon is from a fierce family, but he is a good dragon. When he becomes separated from his family, he tries to find a new home. Meanwhile, the king wants his head for his castle wall. A small boy rescues Droofus and helps him find his family.

| by Monjo, F.N.

The new king of England is going to take away its charter from a Puritan town in Connecticut. When the lights go out, the charter disappears, and the English can't take it.

| by Massie, Diane Redfield

Chameleon the spy discovers the plan of a phony prince and princess who steal all of the jewels of the Beantown residents.

| by Ungerer, Tom

This book is about a magic hat. The hat made a poor man rich, saved a rare bird, won a battle, and saved a baby and an archduke's cousin.

| by Kahl, Virginia

A dutch and dutchess have thirteen girls and a robber baron decides to take the girls for rewards. But as he takes care of the girls, he realizes how much work and trouble they are and will give anything for them to take their children back.

| by Seuss, Dr.

A king is very bored with the usual elements that come from the sky, so he summons his magicians to make something new and it gets out of hand.

| by Kahl, Virginia

The Dutchess of Vingdom with many children is tired of her daily duties, so she bakes a cake. As she pushs the cook out of the kitchen saying she needs no help, disaster strikes. After making a mess and starting a fire the dutchess decides to stick to her usual routine

| by Griffith, Helen V.

A young girl named Emily kisses a frog and turns him into a handsome prince. The prince does not enjoy being a prince, so he wants to be turned back into a frog. The prince must first be kissed by another frog that has been turned into a beautiful princess.

| by Carrick, Donald

Harald has always admired the knights of the Baron's castle until they take over his family's farm to use as a practice field. If they cannot find a way to get rid of the knights, his family will be ruined.

| by Locker, Thomas

Adrian loves to paint landscape pictures, but portraits are more popular. He always paints the truth. When the king asks him to paint a portrait of twenty-seven nobel men and women, he is asked to make the people nice looking.

| by Alexander, Sue

A king asks Muriel to help people from his kingdom who are afraid of a dragon. With her peanut butter cookies, Muriel finds the dragon. She then gives the dragon a bath which makes him feel better. In return, he becomes a nicer dragon so the king continues to give him a bath once a week.

| by Nolan, Dennis

Christopher goes to the beach and builds a magnificant sand castle. When his castle becomes life size, Christopher becomes its ruler. He faces many conflicts as ruler. In the end, he is saved from danger and returns to the beach.

| by Seuss, Dr.

King Bistram's stilts are taken away and he becomes depressed. His kingdom, which is surrounded by the sea, is sabotaged by an awful lord. Because the king is so depressed, he neglects his duties and the city is in danger of becoming flooded, until his page boy comes to the rescue.

| by Haugaard, Erik Christian

Princes from all around want to marry the princess. The king promises his daughter to the prince that brings back the most wonderful bird.

| by Paterson, Katherine

A duck is captured and taken by a cruel lord, but one of the servants saves the duck. The servant falls in love with another servant who protects her from the lord, and they get married.

| by Stanley, Diane//Vennema, Peter

William Shakespeare's life is interesting and full of British history, as are his dramas.

| by Ziner, Feenie

Hu Sing's father is asked to come to the emperor's palace to fight his champion cricket against the emperor's own champion. In trying to protect the cricket, Hu Sing accidentally kills it, and then kills himself, until he has a strange dream.
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