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| by Pearson, Tracey Campbell

Old MacDonald has a pretty typical day of feeding his animals and doing his chores.

| by MacDonald, Elizabeth

As Mr. Cameron tries to deliver corn to Mr. MacGregor, a herd of cattle gets in his way. In front of the cattle was a group of boys on their bicycles and in front of them was a bus. Mr. MacGregor has to wait a long time for his corn.

| by Carrick, Carol

A young girl, her brother and mother find one of their sheep has lambed. They are overjoyed and are anxiously expecting the next sheep to give birth.

| by Cazet, Denys

It's a morning on the farm with the animals waking for the day and the scarecrow quietly watching from the field. It's quiet on the farm until he gets a mouse inside of him.

| by Sawyer, Ruth

A family lives happily on a farm, but each must do an equal share of work. When food gets scarce, Johnny must leave. A round cake is packed with Johnny's things. When the cake falls out and rolls, it takes animals back to the farm.

| by Ehlert, Lois

Pages with color and shape cut-outs are added together to make animals on a farm. The shapes and animals are labeled.

| by Tresselt, Alvin

Many different farm animals begin to wake each other up and start their days. Finally, the little boy who lives on the farm wakes and begins his day. This farm is full of many sights and sounds.

| by Walther, Clara Mae

A young lamb witnesses the birth of Christ. Joy fills the stable, as Mary and Joseph spend the night.

| by Maitland, Barbara

Mom likes the noise of the city but not early in the morning. To get away, she decides to visit Uncle Jack who lives on a farm. When they arrive, they discover that the farm is loud like the city -- only there are animal noises instead of car sounds.

| by Haseley, Dennis

A shepherd boy seeks help in the cave of snores when bad magic takes away his father's shores. Those snores are what protects the sheep and other shepherds.

| by Millen, C.M.

A poem about shearing sheep, spinning the wool, and also weaving, and knitting with the wool. Each worker has a different addition to the poem that explains their job.

| by Small, David

George Washington realizes the farm isn't for him. His cows wear dresses, the pigs are in wigs, and the sheep are scholars. He changes his life to politics to get away from the farm.

| by Hale, Sarah Josepha

A lamb, who goes to school, has a famous 19th century nursery rhyme and song written about it.

| by Ichikawa, Satomi

Nora finds a duckling who had fallen out of its nest. Nora took the duckling to Dr. John, so he could help the injured duckling. At Dr. John's, Nora finds herself surrounded by animals.

| by Francoise.

A young girl shares the traditions of Christmas with her pet lamb.

| by Franklin, Kristine L.

A child has a huge summer job monitoring fifty sheep. Ben takes the sheep to their feeding grounds and saves a lost lamb in the process.

| by Shaw, Nancy

As the sheep venture on their way, they find themselves encountering prickly plants, fog, and the frightening feeling of being lost.

| by Rayner, Mary

The Pig Family puts on a musical concert for charity, and during their performance, they discover that their newest member, a lady sousaphonist, is there for more than helping pigs.

| by Rayner, Mary

When Garth Pig goes to buy ice cream for himself and his nine brothers and sisters, he is kidnapped in the ice cream truck by a wolf pretending to be the ice cream lady. His siblings come to rescue him.

| by Jolley, Mike

Grnter is a pig with an attitude. He thinks he rules the little green farm. All of the other animals are sick of it!On his birthday, Grunter thinks everyone forgot him but they have decided to get their revenge. Before Grunter knows what's going on, he's blasted into outer space. Where will he end up now?
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