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| by Schatell, Brian

Farmer Goff has a turkey that he wants to enter in the county fair turkey contest to win a blue ribbon. Sam the turkey likes Mrs. Goff's pie and eats it all the time. Farmer Goff is upset because his turkey will not win a blue ribbon at the fair. But in the end Farmer Goff and Sam still win a blue ribbon, but in the pie eating contest.

| by Delaney, Ned

Three chickens from outer space help Hank save his farm from the greedy Mr. Sneezle.

| by D'Aulaire, Ingri//D'Aulaire, Edgar

A little old woman walks into town with a basket of eggs her hen has laid. As she walks she thinks about her future and about how rich she'll be because of these eggs. When she drops all of the eggs she realizes she became too proud.

| by Muller, Robin

Nib is an orphan boy who dreams of being an artist. One day as a reward for a kind deed, Nib is given a magical paint set with a paint brush that brings things to life. Nib encounters a terrible king who uses Nib for his talent.

| by Ross, Tony

After trying to work for the rich, a little cobbler realizes that having money is not everything. He decides that he enjoys life much more when he works for the town for food and supplies.

| by Marshall, Edward

Fox learns important lessons from his friends on how to be a friend. For example, he learns how not to be greedy and how not to be too proud.

| by Seuss, Dr.

Trees are being destroyed in a small town and the lorax tries to stop the business that uses the trees to make clothes. Finally, all the trees are gone and the animals are dying, so a young boy decides to plant trees all over town.

| by Aylesworth, Jim

After being captured by a fox, a wee man is rescued and nurtured by a very old man for three days. In appreciation of the old man's kindness, a bowl is left on his porch with a note about its special powers. The beautiful full, belly bowl multiplies any item placed in it. This brings both happiness and trouble to the old man.

| by Stern, Peter

Floyd, the cat, has everything, but he is not happy. One Friday his whole world changes when he finds a box.

| by Alexander, Lloyd

After a stroke of bad luck, Tooley calls up on the Friendly Folk to help him improve his luck. When Hooks comes to the door, Tooley invites him in the house despite warnings from his cat. Hooks takes advantage of Tooley and makes his luck even worse than before-until the house gobbaleen scares Hooks away.

| by Prelutsky, Jack

A hungry tiger is always eating people, including a grocerer, a baker, and a farmer. One day the tiger makes the mistake of eating the tailor and he learns his lesson.

| by Stevenson, James

Only Chester the dog who gets a job at the Supreme Souvenier Factory can save the factory from being taken over by greedy Mr. Sashwayte.

| by Duvoisin, Roger

Petunia is a goose who eats everyone else's food and never touches her own because she thinks the other food is better. Petunia decides to go up a windy hill to get the better grass, but others warn her not to because of wild animals. After escaping from the wild animals, she realizes that her grass is just as good.

| by Duvoisin, Roger

Petunia the goose finds a treasure chest. Before she opens it, she tells her friends about it and they all beg her for gifts. She finds that the chest had nothing in it and that money is not always that important.

| by Sugita, Yutaka

A cat and owl become greedy house guests of a mouse then dream about eating their host.

| by Scamell, Ragnihild

Solo is a cat who is very bad and enjoys eating gooey eggs. One day, an egg breaks open next to him and the duckling thinks he is his mother. This relationship brings a change in Solo's attitude.

| by Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman

Twitchell Mouse wants everything his friends have. One day, he gets everything he thinks he wants. Then with the help of his friend, Twitchell discovers that he is happiest with his own things.

| by Small, David

Paper John is a man who everyone loves. He also has a great talent for making things out of paper. He runs into a devil who appears in town as a thief. Paper John captures the devil before it destroys the town.

| by Paterson, Katherine

An obnoxious prince is very greedy. His father, the King, is dying and says that the son could not become King unless he found an equal in intelligence, beauty, and wealth. Rosamund was a poor girl who was kind and wise. Surprisingly, she changes the ways of the prince and becomes Queen.

| by James, J. Alison

This true story tells the tale of a Japanese village defeating their enemy samurai. The villagers use their minds instead of weapons to scare the samurai. Wearing wild masks, setting fires on the beach, and playing the drums of Noto Hanto, kept the village safe.
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