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| by Levine, Abby

Rhymed text illustrates the activities of a little pig's day. He looks at what his parents do and then immitates what they do.

| by Tryon, Leslie

Through determination, a cast of animals put on a play. The animals are successful and everything goes right.

| by Hillenbrand, Will

Down by the station, early in the morning the train takes off to pick up all the baby animals. Not only can you hear the puff and toot of the train, but also all of the sounds that the animals make. They are on their way to the zoo with all of the children, and when they arrive they all play outside.

| by Brunhoff, Jean de

Babar, his friends, and family go on a hike. A storm comes so they go into a castle. The children find a ghost that only they can see, and it follows them home.

| by Boegehold, Betty

Pippa is a field mouse involved in various activities with her family and animal friends. Pippa works, plays, skates, and prepares for Christmas.

| by Henkes, Kevin

Two circle dogs live in a big, square house with Mama, Papa, Big Sister, and Baby. They like to run, dig, jump, and eat circle snacks. Most of all they like to sleep.

| by Denslow, Sharon Phillips

William and his aunt are both night owls. They stay up late and experience the wonder of a midsummer night.

| by McGuirk, Leslie

After Tucker and his brothers are born, they do everything together. The puppies eat, sleep, play, and watch T.V., but Tucker likes adventures. He especially loves the snow, and his ability to flip comes in handy when he goes for a ride on some children's sled.

| by Rylant, Cynthia

Henry is upset because he does not have any brothers or sister to play with. His parents decide to buy him a dog. He names the dog Mudge and they have many adventures together.

| by Day, Alexandra

When the daycare teacher gets locked out of the classroom, Carl the dog takes over and leads the children in their daily activities.

| by Johnson, Paul Brett

Every Saturday, Laura's family goes to the market to sell their vegetables. On one lucky Saturday, Laura and her friend Betsy find a delicious surprise!

| by Rylant, Cynthia

For Henry and his big dog, Mudge, summer means going on a picnic in the park, taking a bath under the garden hose, and going to the top of the big green hill.

| by Rylant, Cynthia

Henry, the dog Mudge, and Henry's dad go to the beach for the day. They swim and play. When a wave carries Henry's toy into the ocean, Mudge risks his life to retrieve it.

| by Crews, Nina

Summertime brings really hot weather, but there's still things to do for fun in the sun and shade. Soon the weather brings a storm which cools the temperatures and brings with it a different fun.

| by Myrus, Donald//Squillace, Albert

Jeff and his mother go to the beach for a day. Jeff runs around collecting things and drawing pictures in the sand. He meets a little girl, Jenny, and spends the day teaching her about art in the sand.

| by Zion, Gene

When Harry hears that he is about to get a bath, he runs away from home and gets even dirtier until he is a black dog instead of a white dog. When he decides to go home, he is not recognized until he gets a bath!

| by Parnall, Peter

A young boy lies quietly on the ground motionless waiting for animals to come near.

| by Ormondroyd, Edward

Broderick, the mouse, is determined to be famous, so he goes against his friends advice and becomes a famous surfer.

| by Marshall, James

A combination of five short stories about the adventures of two hippos, George and Martha.

| by Gauch, Patricia Lee

Tanya, the smallest and wiggliest girl in her ballet class, and Emily, the talented newcomer, become friends and learn something from each other.
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