A Day At The Park

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A Day At The Park


Physical Activity; Play; Body Parts; Children; Habits of Health & Habits of Mind (Ubbes, 2008)


National Health Education Standards

Standard 1:
Students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health.

Performance Indicators for Grade 2:
1.2.1 Identify that healthy behaviors impact personal health.

1.2.2 Recognize that there are multiple dimensions of health.

Standard 7:
Students will demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and avoid or reduce health risks.

Performance Indicator for Grade 2:
7.2.1 Demonstrate healthy practices and behaviors to maintain or improve personal health.


Gray, Meghan; Heist, Emily


Miami University Libraries




Ubbes, Valerie A (editor and genre designer); Amery H. (translator)




English, Chinese






A Day At The Park: Our Body Parts and Their Actions
By Meghan Gray & Emily Heist

There are many fun and healthy things we can do at the PARK (gōng yuán).
We can fly a KITE (fēng zheng) by bending our ELBOWS (gē bo zhŏu).
We can see DUCKS (yā zi) by moving our EYES (yǎn jing) from side to side.
We can smell FLOWERS (huā pǔ) by sniffing with our NOSES (bí zi).
We can drink from the WATER (shuǐ) fountain by slurping with our LIPS (zuǐ chún).
We can eat PICNIC (yě cān) food by chewing with our TEETH (yá chǐ).
We can hear DOGS (gǒu) bark by listening with our EARS (ěr duo).
We can play on the SWINGS (qiū qiān) by bending our KNEES (xī gài) back and forth.
We can go down the SLIDE (huá tī) by scooting on our BOTTOMS (tún bù).
We can ride a BIKE (sān lún chē) by pumping our LEGS (tuǐ).
We can throw a BALL (qiú) by flexing our HANDS (shǒ).
Now that you know some ways we can exercise our bodies in the park – it’s your turn!


Gray, Meghan; Heist, Emily, “A Day At The Park,” Health Literacy Database at Miami University, accessed December 4, 2023, https://dlp.lib.miamioh.edu/healthliteracy/items/show/78.