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Habit of Mind: Making Daily Healthy Decisions


Decision Making; Sleep; Nutrition; Exercise; Adults; Habits of Health & Habits of Mind (Ubbes, 2008)


National Health Education Standards

Standard 5:
Demonstrate the ability to use decision making skills to enhance health.

Performance Indicators for Adults:
5.5.1 Identify health-related situations that might require a thoughtful decision.

5.5.3 List healthy options to health-related issues or problems.

5.5.5 Choose a healthy option when making a decision.


Madrigrano, Aimee


Miami University Libraries



Ubbes, Valerie A. (editor and genre designer); Gunkel, Erik (translator)




English; Spanish






Habit of Mind: Making Daily Healthy Decisions
by Aimee Madrigrano

I decide to get a full night of sleep every night.
Decidío que tener una noche completa de sueño cada noche.

I decide to eat breakfast every day of oatmeal and soy milk. Decidio que comer almuerzo de harina de avena y leche de soya.

I decide to take multivitamins in the morning.
Decidio a tomar multivitaminas por la mañana.

I decide to do cardiovascular exercises in the mornings.
Decidio que hacer ejercicio cardiovascular por la mañana.

I decide to grow my own vegetable and herb garden.
Decidio que crecer mis propias hortalizas y herbos.

I decide to walk the golf course instead of taking a cart.
Decidio a caminar por el campo de golf en lugar de tomar un carrito.

I decide to park far away when going to the store.
Decidio a apacar el coche lejos de la tienda.

I decide to make healthy choices at the grocery store such as buying fish.
Decidio que hacer decisiones saludables a la supermercado, por ejemplo compro pescado.

I decide to drink the recommended daily amount of water.
Decidio que beber tomar la cantidad diaria recomendada de agua.

I decide to make dinner for my family every night.
Decidio que hacer la cena para mi familia cada noche.


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