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Safely Soak Up the Sun!



National Health Education Standards

Standard 7: Students will demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and avoid or reduce health risks.

Performance Indicators:
Pre-K – Grade 2
7.2.1 Demonstrate healthy practices and behaviors to maintain or improve personal health.
7.2.2 Demonstrate behaviors that avoid or reduce health risks.

Grades 3 – 5
7.5.1 Identify responsible personal health behaviors.
7.5.2 Demonstrate a variety of healthy practices and behaviors to maintain or improve personal health.
7.5.3 Demonstrate a variety of behaviors to avoid or reduce health risks.


Nemeth, Kelley


Miami University Libraries




Ubbes, Valerie A. (editor and genre designer); Bownas, Briggins (translator)



English, Spanish






Safely Soak Up the Sun!
Empapa el Sol Seguramente!
By Kelley Nemeth

I decide to be safe in the sun this summer.
Decido estar a salvo del sol este verano.

I set a goal to apply sunscreen every 2 hours.
Puse una meta aplicar protector solar cada 2 horas.

I will put on sunscreen so I do not feel stressed and sunburned.
Pondré protector solar para que no me siento estresada y quemada por el sol.

I resolve my conflict of getting a sunburn by wearing a shirt to protect my body from the sun.
Resuelvo mi conflicto de conseguir una quemadura por llevando una camisa para proteger mi
cuerpo del sol.

I communicate with my mom to make her aware
of when I need to reapply my sunscreen.
Comunico con mi mamá para hacerla consciente de cuándo necesito aplicar mi protector solar.

I decide to put on sunglasses when I get out of the pool to protect my eyes.
Decido poner mis gafas de sol cuando salga de la piscina para proteger mis ojos.

I set a goal to put on a hat when I play in the sun.
Puse una meta a ponerse un sombrero cuando me juego en el sol.

I seek shade to prevent my skin from
feeling stressed and getting too much sun.
Busco la sombra para evitar que piel de se
siente estresada y recibiendo demasiado sol.

I know how to safely soak up the sun. Do you?
Sé con seguridad podrá tomar el sol. ¿Sabes?

Spanish translation was verified by Briggin Bownas, a second- year Spanish Major at Miami University, Oxford Ohio, in 2014.


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