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Follow My Feet


Physical Activity; Safety; Hygiene; Body Parts; Children; Habits of Health & Habits of Mind (Ubbes, 2008)



Fetzer, Christa; George, Cody


Miami University Libraries




Ubbes, Valerie (editor and genre designer)










Follow My Feet
by Christa Fetzer and Cody George

When I wake up I wiggle my feet. It’s time for them to wake up too! Did you know there are 100 muscles in your feet?
I walk down the stairs and get ready for school. I look out the window and see it’s sunny today.
On my way out the door I slip on my Crocs. They are so comfy. My feet love them.
In the winter time, I wear warm boots. They have fur inside that keep my feet warm and cozy.
During the spring time when it’s raining Mom dresses me in my rain boots. These tall shoes keep my feet dry.
I love summer the most because I run around barefoot in my front yard.
In my Crocs, I skip to the bus.
Waiting for the bus I tap my feet. Bus 10 is late today! “Back, back, seat, seat, feet on the floor or dangling.”
I sing that song every morning on my way to school. It keeps me safe.
When I get to school, I sit criss-cross apple
sauce on the carpet during morning meeting.
When I go to stand up my feet have fallen back asleep! I wake them up by shaking them. Wiggle… wiggle… wiggle…
Finally recess time! I use my feet everyday at recess. I love to play soccer, kick ball, jump rope, and tag!
My friends and I decide to play tag today. They chase me all around the playground. My feet are moving fast.
As my class and I line up to go inside, we have to remember to tip toe in the hallway.
2:00 pm is my gym time.
I change into my socks and tennis shoes.
I need them to protect my feet.
Once back in the classroom, our teacher tells us we are going to use our feet to help us in math today!
Wow I even use my feet for math!
We learn to use a ruler and measure our feet.
My foot is 6 inches long and growing everyday.
Before hockey practice, Mom takes me to get new skates. My feet are growing.
My new skates are a whole size bigger.
My feet are much happier now.
After practice, I take a bath.
In the tub I scrub my feet and make sure to get between my toes!
Once I am all clean I am ready for bed.
I tuck my feet in bed.
I’m tired and so are my feet.


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Fetzer, Christa; George, Cody, “Follow My Feet,” Health Literacy Database at Miami University, accessed June 17, 2024,

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