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Watch Me Play Sports!


Play; Physical Activity; Body Parts; Children; Habits of Health & Habits of Mind (Ubbes, 2008).



Baker, Meredity; Juergens, MJ


Miami University Libraries




Ubbes, Valerie (editor and genre designer)










Watch Me Play Sports!
By Meredith Baker and MJ Juergens

Exercising and play is fun!
I meet new friends and exercise by playing sports.

Look at all the sports I can play!

I like archery. My eyes can see the target.
I bend my arm to shoot the arrow at the target.

I like riding my bike with my friends. I move my legs to pedal the bike. I can go fast or slow.

I like boxing. I put gloves on my hands to protect them. I hit the punching bag with my hands.

I like cheerleading. I move my whole body to cheer. I can hear our cheers.

I like golf. I swing the club with my hands.
I look my eyes to see how far I hit the ball.

I like horseback riding. I use my legs to make the horse move. I use my hands to make the horse go. I can make him jump!

I like ice skating. I push my legs to move forward. I can spin on the ice and jump in the air.

I like karate. I kick with legs and hit with my hands, but I don’t hurt others.

I like rollerblading.
I wear a helmet on my head and knee pads on my knees in case I fall down.

I like skateboarding. I push the skateboard with my feet. I can do tricks in the air!

I like skiing. I use my legs and hands to move in the snow. I can feel the cold wind on my face.

I like basketball. I bounce the ball with the hands. I see my teammate, and pass the ball.

I like soccer. I kick the ball with my feet. I touch the ball with my hands for a throw in.

I like swimming. I kick my legs and move my arms in the water to move forward. I can feel the cold water on my body.

I like tennis. I use a racquet to hit the ball.
I watch ball as my partner hits it over the net.

I like baseball. I can the feel the bat hit the ball. I use my glove to catch the ball. I use my legs to run to the base.

I like to play sports and exercise my body. I also get to make lots of new friends! We work together to be the best we can be!


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