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Healthy Eating Throughout My Day


Nutrition; Children; Habits of Health & Habits of Mind (Ubbes, 2008)


National Health Education Standards

Standard 1:
Students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health.

Performance Indicators for Grade 2:
1.2.1 Identify that healthy behaviors impact personal health.

1.2.2 Recognize that there are multiple dimensions of health.

Standard 7:
Students will demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and avoid or reduce health risks.

Performance Indicator for Grade 2:
7.2.1 Demonstrate healthy practices and behaviors to maintain or improve personal health.


Hoge, Caitlin; Boylson, Claire


Miami University Libraries




Ubbes, Valerie (editor and genre designer)










Healthy Eating Through My Day
By Caitlin Hoge and Claire Boylson

When I wake up, I eat a healthy breakfast (petit dejeuner) to start my day!

This morning, I decide to eat a bowl of healthy cereal and a banana.

Bananas (bananes) have lots of good nutrients for me.

I bought my lunch (dejeuner) at school today.

I decide to eat a turkey sandwich and a salad (salade).

I also decide to drink a glass of milk (lait) because it helps keep my bones strong!

After I get home from school, I eat a fresh vegetable snack (gouter).

After I played outside and did my homework, it was time for dinner (diner)!

My mom asked me if I wanted waffles or chicken (poulet).

I chose chicken because it has lots of protein (proteine).

Protein helps keep my muscles strong (fort)!

I asked for some more vegetables (legumes), because they are full of good nutrients.

For dessert, I chose to have a cookie (biscuit) and some milk.

It’s okay to have treats (plaisirs) every once in a while - and milk is always a good choice for a snack!

I always try to make good food choices (choix) when I am eating.

Health Glossary
Healthy - something that is good for me and my body.
Nutrients - something that my body needs to stay healthy.
Protein - a nutrient that helps keep my muscles strong.

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Hoge, Caitlin; Boylson, Claire, “Healthy Eating Throughout My Day,” Health Literacy Database at Miami University, accessed July 13, 2024,

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