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Cherry, Lynne
Little Groundhog is hungry. His friend Squirrel reminds him that it would not be nice to eat from someone else's garden, so he offers to teach Groundhog how to grow food in his own garden. Groundhog learns that cooperation with the birds and insects around him will help meet their needs and help his garden to grow. After planting, tending, and harvesting his garden, Groundhog has a feast with his friends.

James, Betsy
A moving of a best friend is sad for a young girl. She befriends a praying mantis and names it after her best friend. She must cope with the death of the mantis and the surprise at the end.

Hewitt, Sally
Rhyming words and 3-Dimensional pictures describe various bugs. Specific facts are given about each bug. These pages come alive! (A Board Book)