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| by Utton, Peter

George notices a gross, brown, crinkly thing on his father's wall and is surprised to find out it's the hand of a witch who tried to kidnap him. He is also surprised and relieved to find out it is only a story.

| by Widman, Christine

A little girl visits her Aunt Emma, and they enjoy lemon drop candies together. Aunt Emma tells the story about how she got a lemon drop jar when she missed the sun while away at school.

| by Himmelman, John

A boy dreams of perfect parents who would let him do whatever he would like to do. He tells a very wild story about what happens if he was in charge of the house

| by Lindgren, Astrid

Grandma tells two children the story of skinny Jack, a farmhand that becomes a ghost. The children then journey home but it gets dark and the little girl thinks she is grabbed by skinny Jack. When her father comes and rescues her from the ghost, a hazlenut branch strikes her in her back.

| by Stevenson, James

Everything is always the same at Grandpa's house, even down to what he says. One morning at breakfast, Grandpa tells a fascinating and unrealistic story, breaking his normal routine.

| by Polacco, Patricia

Patricia Polacco tells the story of her childhood summers at her dad's house. As a traveling car salesman, her father brought home many stories to share with his children. Together they experience a magic rock that has the power to change their outlook on life.

| by Pittman, Helena Clare

A young boy recalls an imaginative tale once told to him by his grandfather. The story is about how his grandfather had to cross two hills and go through the dark woods to get hot coals for their fire. He would get so scared and run so fast that he thought he was an eagle. Grandfather gives his grandson two eagle feathers to use when he gets scared.

| by Stevenson, James

Mary Ann and Louie are really bored, but a story about their Grandpa and his brother when they were young and bored, keeps them busy for awhile.

| by Levinson, Riki

A girl's grandma tells her a bedtime story on Friday night of her mother's journey to the New World. She tells the girl how much she is like her great grandmother.

| by Oppenheim, Shulamith

A grandmother tells her grandson a story about the night he was born. She tells him about all the things she wanted to do with him when he was older.

| by Lyon, George Ella

A young girl talks of the way life was for the Indians. As she explores their homes she talks of their past and their present.

| by Robertson, M.P.

George finds what he thinks to be a giant chicken egg. However, when it hatches, a dragon comes out. He cares for it and teaches it necessary skills but the dragon longs to be with his family. Before going to his home with the other dragons, the dragon takes George for an adventure and thanks him for his kindness and caring.

| by Jarrell, Randall

David's dreams take him to visit an owl. The owl tells a bedtime story of a mother and her owlets. When David wakes the next morning, his mother greets him in much the same way as the mother owl did with her owlets.

| by Stanley, Diane//Vennema, Peter

William Shakespeare's life is interesting and full of British history, as are his dramas.

| by Walton, Marilyn J.

Karen goes to Gwendolyn's house for a tea party. They tell stories, drink tea, and eat whoppers.

| by Stolz, Mary

On the night of a big storm, Thomas is a little afraid, so his grandfather tells him a story about how he overcame his fear when he was a young boy. Thomas is no longer afraid, so he can go to sleep.

| by Yeo, Yumi

Yungsu's family moves from Korea to America. When Yungsu goes into his new town and sees children playing, he missed his friends from Korea. Yungsu tells his mother that he wants to go back to Korea, but his father explains that their life will be better in America.

| by Marshall, James

In three humorous stories, fox learns a lesson in bravery, showing off, humility and responsibility.

| by Strand, Keith

A young couple embarks on their own to an unknown land to build their life. When times get hard for their family, they adjust their lifestyles to make things work.

| by Sortland, Bjorn

Anna is at the museum with her uncle and comes into contact with many new friends. Anna befriends all of the painters whose art is inside the museum. All of these encounters take place because Anna needs to find a toilet.
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