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| by Bronin, Andrew

Brothers Gus and Buster start fighting over their top and bottom bunkbeds. They continue to learn how to trust, share, and cooperate. Eventually they get along very well.

| by Ness, Evaline

Elizabeth has four brothers who look exactly alike and she cannot tell who is who. Though her brothers make fun of her, she decides to be nice and share her toys with all of them. In return, they are nice to her and tell her their names.

| by Burnett, Frances Hodge

Young Sara is forced to attend Miss Minchin's select seminary for young girls in London when her father gets shipped off to war. Miss Minchin, the director of the seminary becomes a bit apprehensive about Sara's stay with them because her father said that she is to have the very best of everything. When a note arrives that says Sara's father died, things change for the worse. Poor Sara is forced to live the life of a slave. She eventually meets up with an Indian gentleman who helps her to gain her life back.

| by Schwartz, Amy

Rosie is the camper of the week and refuses to be a part of a prank. The other campers are caught and disciplined, and even though she did not do it, she admits to it to help her friends from being more severely punished.

| by Hoff, Syd

Danny goes to a museum and meets a live dinosaur. They decide to play all around town together for the entire day. At the end of the day, they say goodbye and go to their separate homes.

| by Kellogg, Steven

Timmy's long, frustrating search for his favorite green ball ends with a surprising turn of events.

| by McPhail, David

Matthew loves trains. One night, he lets his brother run the train and he crashes it. Matthew cannot sleep so he gets up to fix it. All of a sudden, it was a real train. Matthew fixes it, loads up the baggage, and helps the engineer.

| by Morrow, Elizabeth

A little Mexican boy, Pedro, wants a piggy bank just like Pita's. After trying to buy one, he decides to make his own.

| by Gibbons, Gail

Throughout the four seasons, Arnold has fun doing different activities with his apple tree. Arnold shares the seasonal holidays with the tree, as the tree shares all that it has to offer with Arnold.

| by Levitin, Sonia

Abel, Nagel and Zeke are farming friends who argue about everything, including who owns the moon. The farmers go to a teacher in the city to settle their argument about the moon. The teacher tells the three men that they each own the moon two nights a week and the remaining nights they are to share it.

| by Adler, David A.

A little rabbit is hungry, but his mom does not have any food in their cupboards. So, little rabbit and his mom go to a neighbor to get some food. In return for the food, they must do many favors.

| by Kvasnosky, Laura McGee

Zelda, the oldest sister, is always bossing Ivy around when they play. Zelda helps Ivy feel better by sharing her favorite toy with her.

| by Udry, Janice May

Mary Jo never talks during share time in school. She thinks of sharing her brand new umbrella, or the grasshopper she helped her brother catch, but her classmates already had shared those things. She eventually thinks of something to share that no one has shared -- her father.

| by Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman

Dudley likes to walk, while Burton likes to sit and look outside. They both try doing what the other likes best and finds some enjoyment in other activities.

| by Titherington, Jeanne

Ben wants a place of his own. When his brother's crib is moved into his room, Ben begins to search for a place of his own. Ben puts some of his things in the garage, but he still feels like something is missing. He needs visitors. When his little brother, Ezra, comes to visit, Ben is happy. Ben decides that Ezra isn't so bad after all.

| by Brock, Emma L.

After the first snow, all the birds that do not fly south for the winter are left hungry. The birds learn to compromise and share when a christmas tree full of tasty treats is put up in town.

| by Brunhoff, Jean de

Babar, the elephant, is off to help Santa with Christmas. He gets to explore the North Pole and Santa's Workshop. Throughout the story, we get to see the true meaning of Christmas.

| by Verdick, Elizabeth

Learn about the different things you can do to prevent germs from spreading and why it is so important. germs are not for sharing because they can spread and make you sick.

| by Silverstein, Shel

A tree and a boy become friends. The tree gives and gives to the boy, because when the boy is happy, the tree is happy. The boy grows and takes everything from the tree then deserts the tree. He finally comes back when he must replace the tree.

| by Markel, Michelle

When Kate gets a new babysitter, she is not too excited because Rosa speaks Spanish. Soon Kate and Rosa learn to communicate and share each other's traditions.
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