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| by Hutchins, Pat

Woodland creatures try to decide what game to play. They decide to play hide-and-go-seek.

| by Seligmon, Dorothy Halle

The park where Alfred lives has horses for riding. One day, he goes to ride the horses and finds out he is afraid. He keeps this secret from his friends and makes up excuses for why he cannot go riding.

| by Rey, Margaret

Curious George travels about the neighborhood getting into trouble. He decides to fly a kite and gets swept away. His owner saves him and his friend is happy that his kite is saved.

| by Steffy, Jan

Amish children have a full day of activities which start very early in the morning. After school, all the children and their parents go on a large picnic and have lots of fun.

| by Johnston, Tony

Five foxes wanted to go outside in the snow to play. Their grandma told them their bare paws would get cold. On Christmas morning grandma fox gave each of the five foxes mittens so they could outside to play.

| by Zimelman, Nathan

Arabella takes her ten cats for a walk every day, but Mean Murgatroyd, the dog next door, scares them away. Arabella comes up with a great idea for dealing with Murgatroyd.

| by Stevens, Carla

With the help of his friends, Pig overcomes his fear of water and learns to swim.

| by Richardson, Judith Benet

Savi, a baby elephant, is left at the beach, because he did not want to return home with his mother. He becomes scared and finally follows a trail of bananas home.

| by Reiser, Lynn

A child can't wait to go fishing on Rocky Pond so she can see animals and have picnics. It's a day full of adventure and fun.

| by Degen, Bruce

A boy and his bear friend love berries. They rhyme about berry picking while walking in the forest and decide what they are going to do with their berries.

| by Marino, Dorothy

On his way camping, Buzzy meets three different creatures and learns how they do certain things. This helps him find his way home.

| by du Bois, William Pene

The bears in Koala Park are not nice to each other. They have a party and make up. After the costume party, they do not recognize each other so they all keep part of their costumes on to recognize each other.

| by Rosen, Michael

A group of bear hunters must go through grass, a river, mud, a forest, a snowstorm and a cave before they even see a bear. After finding it, the bear chases them back into their homes.

| by Porter, Sue

Ambrose, the badger, buys a pair of skates. He loses control and takes a whole group of animals along for a ride. Ultimately everyone ends up at the ocean to swim and play.

| by Keller, Holly

Geraldine the pig is waiting for a big snow which was predicted on the radio. It finally comes while she is sleeping. When she wakes up she is happy and runs outside to go sled riding.

| by Hazen, Barbara Shook

A little boy and his family have plans to go camping, but they are cancelled because of the rain. The little boy gets angry and disappointed, but has a fun day at home after all.

| by Hoban, Russell

Three boys imagined that they were deep sea diving. The oldest boy wants a gum drop, but the middle boy would not share. While they were fighting, the other boy took all the gumdrops and ate them. Finally on the way back home, they all made up and had dinner with their parents.

| by Holabird, Katharine

Angelina and Alice were very good friends and they did everything together. One day when Angelina tried to do a handstand on the playground and fell, everyone laughed including Alice. Angelina was very mad at Alice for laughing. But when Angelina needed a partner in gymnastics class, Alice volunteered and they had a great performance.

| by Mayer, Mercer//Marianna

A boy and his friends go fishing. Their fishing party is interrupted when a turtle bites the line. The boy catches a turtle.

| by Gunthorp, Karen

Tom the cat wants fish for breakfast, but when he is unsuccessful in catching one, his friends saves the day and they have breakfast together.
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