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| by Meddaugh, Susan

The whole family, including Martha, the talking dog, is excited when Skits arrives. Skits is a young and mischievious dog. As he grows, the family thinks that it is time to give him alphabet soup so he will be able to talk. However, it doesn't have the same effect on Skits as it did on Martha. At first everyone is sad, especially Skits, until they discover his other talents.

| by Graham, Bob

Benny is a very talented magician's assisstant. When he outshines the magician though, he is kicked out of the show. For the first time, Benny is on his own and he doesn't know where to go or what to do. He searches everywhere for a place to belong. In the last place he looks, Benny finds the perfect home.

| by Rylant, Cynthia

Henry takes his dog, Mudge, to obedience school. Although Henry is worried about how well Mudge will do, he is pleasantly surprised when Mudge learns all of his commands and passes his obedience test.

| by Levy, Elizabeth

Jill's dog Fletcher is not on the front steps when Jill arrives home from school, so Jill and her friend Gwen search the neighborhood for Fletcher. They believe Mr. Fernbach has Fletcher and convince Jill's mother to follow Mr. Fernbach to his studios. Fletcher is found in the studios where he is being used in a dog food commercial.

| by Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman

The Brooksides enjoy their quiet life now that their children are gone. Soon their life changes after a stray dog joins their family.

| by Joosse, Barbara M.

An old lady, and her dog have a regular routine everyday. And when Laura, the girl next door sees Mrs. Brady alone instead of with Max she wonders why. When Laura finds out Max died, she finds comfort in her mom and then consoles Mrs. Brady, because two is better than one.

| by Luttrell, Ida

Mattie takes in a possum for a new pet. She thinks that the possum is a sweet, innocent little pet, but her cat and dog know otherwise.

| by Peters, Lisa Westberg

When a little boy is told to clean his room, he says he cannot because his pets are sleeping. However, a fly wakes them up and starts a chain of reactions that end with the room being cleaned by the animals.

| by Rylant, Cynthia

Together, Henry and his dog, Mudge, watch the leaves turn colors, listen to Halloween stories and eat Thanksgiving dinner.

| by MacLachlan, Patricia

A boy and his dog have many adventures together going to school on the prairie.

| by Schwartz, Amy

It is Alice's birthday and her mom promises her a dog. She choses one dog, but the dog refuses to listen. They put the dog in obedience school. Another dog teaches Baba how to howl.

| by Keats, Ezra Jack

Peter wants to learn how to whistle to make his dog, Willie, come.

| by Lent, Blair

Pistachio, a green cow, can ride a bicycle, walk the tightrope, and dance. Her owner, Waldo, hopes to join a circus but the circus owner is not interested in cows until his tent his empty because everyone is watching Pistochio. Waldo and Pistachio are then allowed to join the circus.

| by Kellogg, Steven

Arnold is continually asking his mother if he can have one sort of pet or another, and his mother is always saying no. Finally, Arnold finds a friend and that suits his mother.

| by Maksimovic, Desanka

A shaggy little dog just appears one day and keeps everyone company. Everyone loves him and enjoys his company. Then just as suddenly as he came, he disappears.

| by Rylant, Cynthia

Henry and his dog, Mudge, discover the excitement of snowy winters, Christmas time, and long winter walks.

| by Luttrell, Ida

Mattie's cat, Prowler, and dog, Howler, accidentally scare off her four hens. They must get the hens back without getting caught in any of Mattie's thief-traps.

| by Moreton, John

When John's uncle gives him a pet mouse for a present, John is disappointed. Then he finds out that Punky the mouse is really a mystery mouse. Punky changes everyday into a new and exciting animal.

| by Fregosi, Claudia

A lady owned a flower shop with the most beautiful violets. Her cat was mad and jealous that the flowers got all the attention. One day she noticed that none of the plants had blossoms. Then she realized her cat had eaten the blossoms.

| by Pilkey, Dav

When cats dream, they can do anything and go anywhere.
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