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| by Demi.

Can you count from number one to one hundred while viewing animals and learning a number rhyme?

| by Francoise.

Jeanne-Marie and her sheep, Patapone, sit and discuss how many sheep Patapone will have one day. They talk about what they can get and do. Paptapone only has one lamb but is happy.

| by Sheppard, Jeff

Different numbers of elephants are needed for different jobs.

| by Hutchings, Amy//Hutchings, Richard

Gummy candy is fun to eat, but it can be just as fun to count too!Learning to count from one to twelve is made easy through rhyming. Vivid photographs of assorted gummies helps to make exploring sets of numbers interesting and more meaningful.

| by Seuss, Dr.

The differences in people and animals are compared using colors and numbers.

| by Stevens, Janet//Crummel, Susan Stevens

Inspired by his hunger, Rooster decides to become a cook. Aided by his friends Turtle, Iguana, and Pig, the four chefs follow a recipe. Cooking terms like sifting, measuring, and beating are learned through their silly misunderstandings as they make the best strawberry shortcake ever.

| by de Regniers, Beatrice Schenk

Counting helps explain how a family ended up with a dozen cats.

| by Reiser, Lynn

The relationship between mother and daughter is seen in one girl's family. Each generation of women in the family makes tortillas, picks flowers, washes clothes, and sings lullabies. The little girl does these same things for her doll. This story is told in both English and Spanish.

| by Degen, Bruce

A boy and his bear friend love berries. They rhyme about berry picking while walking in the forest and decide what they are going to do with their berries.

| by Carlstrom, Nancy White

Join Jesse Bear on his trip to an amusement park. Jesse Bear counts everything from his shoes to the bumper cars to the stars in the sky.

| by Hest, Amy

Baby duck dislikes her new eyeglasses. She believes they look bad and hinder her ability to play. Her grandpa convinces her that her glasses are not so terrible after all.

| by Parker, Vic

Where's all that music coming from?It's bear doing his bearobics!Everyone wants to get in on the action, so kangaroos start hopping, penguins start sliding, and ants start marching. Soon everyone is doing that cool bearobics thing.

| by Hoberman, Mary Ann

Nod sets out to look for his lost cat. He finds Pistachio on page 28 in a box.

| by Lively, Penelope

Frog wants to find a new home where he can jump. While exploring the garden the frog encounters some dangers. Thanks to the dragonfly, the frog makes it to the pond- the perfect place for any frog to live!

| by Lester, Alison

During their day, Alice and Aldo work their way through the alphabet. They do all kinds of fun things like quacking with the ducks, making milkshakes, and swinging over the flowers. By the end of the day Alice and Aldo are ready for bed.

| by Jefferds, Vincent

All of the Disney characters in this book explain the ABCs through rhythm and fun.

| by Brown, Margaret Wise

Learn about all of the important things in early childhood from ages one through six. At one, you've found your nose and discovered your toes. By five and six, you've learned some tricks.

| by Gag, Wanda

An old man and woman live in a very nice, clean house, but they are very lonely until the day the old man brings hundreds of cats, thousands of cats, millions and billions and trillions of cats home.

| by McKissack, Patricia C.

Hugh Thomas lives in a place where weird things happen and people spin tales. Elder Abbajon and Papa-Daddy tell Hugh Thomas a tale about Bayou Clapateaux. On the way home from fishing, Hugh Thomas makes up his own spin tale.

| by Zolotow, C.

A little girl takes her mother for a walk and shows her all the wonderful things to see.
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