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| by Cranstoun, Margaret

Learn numbers one through ten by listening to this rhyming pattern.

| by Anno, Mitsumasa

Children discover numbers while playing a game. Children learn to relate abstract symbols to real objects.

| by Hoban, Tana

Tana Hoban introduces the numbers one to one hundred. Each page shows the number, its correct spelling, dots, and a photograph.

| by Stobbs, Joanna//Stobbs, William

Learn to count numbers one to twenty with bright pictures that correspond to each number.

| by Ernst, Lisa Campbell

Four boys and five girls come in two cars to the park to play and have a picnic lunch. They bring along six balls, seven boats, and eight baskets.

| by Greenfield, Eloise

Two African American children explore numbers on a rainy day. The children play in the rain, counting all the things they see.

| by Murphy, Stuart J.

Time to wake up!Sammie the dog helps his friend get ready for school. How many minutes will it take to get ready for school?Help Sammie count the minutes it takes to get things done: eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, give hugs, and go off to school.

| by Reiss, John J

Numbers are everywhere!There are 6 birthday candles, 13 cakes, 14 bananas, 15 grapefruit and 19 radishes. Counting is fun if you do it with food.

| by Kredenser, Gail//Mack, Stanley

Let's build a band by counting!Has numbers written in words and has 10 different instruments. This will help you recognize number words and colors.

| by Showers, Paul

Losing and growing teeth are events that all children experience as they grow up. Learning how this process occurs and learning about the functions of teeth can be interesting and fun.

| by Pallotta, Jerry

Counting by fives is not always an easy task, but with the help of construction vehicles and Reese's Pieces candy, the task can be accomplished. First, count to ten by ones then to one hundred by fives. Hopefully a tasty snack will await you in the end.

| by Kahl, Virginia

A Good Wife makes only one perfect pancake for each person in town until one day a beggar comes along and tricks her into cooking enough until everyone was satisfied.

| by Ryan, Pam Munoz

Families can be made up of one to one hundred people joined by heritage, community, friendship, and love, all working together for a better life.

| by McGuire, Richard

Fourteen oranges grow on a tree. Many different things happen to these oranges. Some become a snack, some are used in a juggling act, and others are made into juice.

| by Lobel, Anita

Nini the cat takes an exciting journey in which he discovers the concepts of color, days of the week, months of the year, and numbers. Nini sees a different colored pair of shoes each day of the week, explores a variety of activities during each month of the year, and counting the sights that surround the sea where he finally comes to one hundred stars and one moon lighting up the sky around the lighthouse.

| by Lester, Julius

A boy named Sam picks out bright clothes for his first day of school. On his way to school he runs into some tigers who want to eat him but he trades his bright clothes for his life. His bright clothes cause such a ruckus among the tigers that they fight each other and Sam gets his clothes back.

| by Cullen, Catherine Ann

Each day of the week, a young girl goes out searching for something new to see. Each day she encounters someone who needs the help of one of the six buttons on her magical coat. They are all grateful of the young girl's kindness and help. After helping each of them, her magic runs out on Sunday.

| by Isadora, Rachel

Pop!The numbers 1-1,000,000 are counted through pop art, ranging from astronauts, fish, and gargolyes to animals, flowers, and food. Can you count 1,000 jellybeans and 1,000,000 stars?

| by Berkes, Marianne

Count one through 10 while using rhymes to talk about different activities between mother fishes and their babies. Move to the rhythm of this ocean creatures poem!

| by Greeson, Janet

Jan is a stingy baker. When a woman enters his cookie shop and asks for a bakers dozen, Jan refuses to give her an extra free cookie. The woman puts an evil spell on Jan. When Jan finally gives her a bakers dozen of cookies, the spell is broken.
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