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| by Melmed, Laura

Little Oh is a woman's only child, who is made from origami paper. The paper doll is restless indoors so she ventures outside for the adventure of her life. What happens when she finally finds her way back home to her mother?

| by Ets, Marie Hall

When his mother is away, a baby seal is moved by a man to a new home in a lake. Eventually, the seal finds his way back to his mother.

| by Numeroff, Laura Jofee

What happens when you give a pig a pancake?She'll probably ask for some syrup to go with it. What will she want next?

| by Lindgren, Barbro

Benny the pig is tired of rules. After refusing to take a bath and pick up his toys, Benny decides he would like to live somewhere else. He soon discovers the problems of being away from home.

| by Oakley, Graham

Humphrey and the other mice decide to go back to nature, and Sampson, the church cat, follows. They experience lots of adventures and also realize how much they love their home.

| by Godden, Rumer

A family of mice get lucky when one of the children, Bonnie, escapes and becomes trapped in a doll mouse-house. Eventually, the little girl who owns the mouse-house puts the house away in the cellar for the family to live in.

| by Ehrlich, Bettina

Cocolo the donkey travels from his homeland to America. When Cocolo's master, Lucin, gets a visit from his parents, Cocolo becomes homesick. Cocolo gets to visit his homeland and ended up missing America all along.

| by D'Aulaire, Ingri//D'Aulaire, Edgar

Foxie's master always teases her with a bone instead of feeding her. She follows her master to the city and gets lost. In her new home she gets fed well and she performs. Later, she becomes homesick and goes home to her original master.

| by Ernst, Lisa Campbell

Bluebell the cow is on her way to stardom because of her wonderful singing voice. Yet once she hits stardom, she becomes homesick. After tricking her nasty manager, Bluebell spends the rest of her days singing with the other cows.

| by Potter, Beatrix

When Timmy Willie accidently finds himself in a hamper headed for town, he finds shelter with Johnny Town-Mouse. But he is homesick and soon returns home to his country garden. Johnny Town-Mouse comes to visit and learns that he prefers his townhouse.

| by Sheldon, Dyan

Brenda loses her teddy bear, Pete, on a bus. She thinks he's gone forever, but soon starts to receive postcards from him. Pete is traveling all over the world and having many adventures. He soon realizes he misses Brenda too much and returns home.

| by McPhail, David

Stanley leaves his comfortable country home in search of adventure and fortune. He meets characters who manipulate him and others who treat him will.

| by Heine, Helen

Three barnyard friends set out for a change of scenery. Through their adventures, they decide that they would all be better off at home.

| by Yolen, Jane

The hatching of a goose helps Betsey forget her homesickness.
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