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| by Stapler, Sarah

Trilby's brother hides his trumpet because he plays it too loudly. The reader must help Trilby find his trumpet.

| by Lord, John Vernon

Bill searches for something that will make his miserable Aunt Bertha happy. Finally, he learns that nothing can make her happier than simply his love.

| by McPhail, David

Matthew loves trains. One night, he lets his brother run the train and he crashes it. Matthew cannot sleep so he gets up to fix it. All of a sudden, it was a real train. Matthew fixes it, loads up the baggage, and helps the engineer.

| by Russo, Marisabina

Hannah could not fall asleep one night because she thought her parents were having lots of fun without her. She sneeks out to watch them, only to discover that they were not eating ice cream or making popcorn, but reading, mending socks, and folding clothes. Hannah returns to bed and falls asleep.

| by Morrow, Elizabeth

A little Mexican boy, Pedro, wants a piggy bank just like Pita's. After trying to buy one, he decides to make his own.

| by Kraus, Robert

A young mouse loses his mother, father and sister and becomes very lonely. However, he finds his family and ends up with a new brother.

| by Kroll, Steven

Because of Sylvie's goodness, her wicked stepmother and stepsister are vanquished, and she becomes Queen of the May. Because she selflessly helped others, they help her in return.

| by Kellogg, Steven

Henry wants to be bigger that Martin so he tries several ways to grow. In the end, he realizes that he'll grow up in time.

| by Lobel, Arnold

Ming Lo and his wife do not want to live by the mountain anymore, so they ask the wise man how to move the mountain. After trying different plans, they finally move themselves from the mountain.

| by Economakis, Olga

A desert family has to move constantly to be near a water supply. The young son of the family decides he is tired of moving. Using ingenuity, he digs a hole until he hits water. The family builds a well and the boy has his wish granted.

| by Holabird, Katharine

Angelina wants to be a ballerina. She never does her chores and dances all the time, annoying her parents and friends. Finally, her parents decide to enroll her in dance lessons. Angelina practices very hard for many years and eventually becomes a famous ballerina.

| by Howells, Mildred

A woman cleans everything in her town to the annoyance of other citizens. She later wishes that she could wash off the stars. When a storm blows her up into the sky, she gets her chance.

| by Aylesworth, Jim

Daniel lays in bed one night and wants to know how it feels to fall asleep. He hears the world around him and the next thing he knows it is the morning. He is determined to try it the next night again.

| by Hughes, Shirley

A little girl wants to fly. She makes it off the ground, but so many people are frightened that she will hurt herself, so they chase her. One man even attempts to get her into his hot air balloon. She gets away from him by popping his balloon and they both fall to the ground. (Wordless)

| by Low, Alice

Herbert collects treasures from the dump, until his whole room is filled with things. His mother wants all the junk out of his room. One day, Herbert's problems are solved by finding a key that fits a door from the dump. He decides to build a castle, with the door and wood he finds, to store all his treasures. This satisfies both his mother and himself.

| by Cech, John

Karie's grandmother tells her about her hard life in Russia during World War II. This is a true story.

| by Steiner, Charlotte

Kiki and her friends build a playhouse and a garden. Throughout every season, they play in their playhouse.

| by Gerrard, Roy

When a group of outlaws try to take Rosie's cattle, Rosie and her friends team up. They come up with a plan to capture the villians.

| by Levinson, Nancy Smiler

Clara lives on a farm and does not have time to go to school, but she wants to learn to read. Eventually the Bookwagon (a mobile library) comes to her farm and the librarian convinces her father to let her borrow books and she learns to read.

| by Cooper, Elisha

An empty lot is transformed by an architect, surveyors, and workers of all kinds. Big construction equipment moves earth and trucks deliver materials throughout the building process. The building stands between two other buildings not far from downtown. It stands empty now, waiting to be filled with people.
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